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    Is there a good sub for BA282 diode or can I use 2 diodes in series to get similar Vf=0.81V ( King Tone PCBs )

    I bought 10 or so 1N456 diodes for an Ampeg Scrambler project from small bear and they were all around Vf = 0.8 v
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    Tapers for Muffin

    I think I'll stick with the Audio tapers and see how they work out. It's such a simple thing to swap out later if need be.
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    Tapers for Muffin

    I have a Muffin with some lower gain NOS Amperex transistors and 1N456 diodes from a lot i bought of the Ampeg Scrambler and I grabbed 2 - 100kA pots for Volume and Sustain and a 100kB for Tone. Realizing the originals were linear at the outset, does anyone have a preference?
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    SOLVED Big Muff - circuit working, no audio

    Definitely show us the soldered side. I’ve learned after a few overzealous and expeditious pedal assemblies that it’s almost universally better to take your time. I typically prep all wires, jacks, and switches in one session, solder in caps in another, resistors in another, and transistors...
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    Now Playing... What are you Listening to Right Now?

    Pink Floyd - Live at Empire Pool (Wembley) 1974
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    Ampeg Scrambler

    I’ve got all the old transistors and diodes. Would love to see a Pedal PCB Scrambler with Volume control.
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    let's see your pedalboard!

    G.A.S. got the better of me this month. Here’s the pedal board Mk. II: I foolishly built this board and painted and sealed it prior to really having a handle on how everything would be laid out. I have a better configuration in mind and plan to build another one this weekend hopefully. What...
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    What Strings, yes, a STRINGS thread!

    I went from EBs to DR Pure Blues and stayed there for a long time. Now I’m back to EBs. I use the Turbos but replace the G String for 0.017.
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    Sandspur (stupid question?)

    Need my address?
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    Swiss Army Fuzz: Universal Tone Bender MKII/Fuzz Face Board

    I tried the other e-cad softwares and they are way over my head. DipTrace let’s me do dunceski manual routing.
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    Swiss Army Fuzz: Universal Tone Bender MKII/Fuzz Face Board

    In DipTrace, you right click the pad and select "Hide Ring in Pad Layer"
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    Swiss Army Fuzz: Universal Tone Bender MKII/Fuzz Face Board

    Did some dry fitting this morning: The only things I’ll change on the next revision are the following: 1.) Provide another pad for the collector to base caps. My measurements were for the small monolithic lead spacing and not the wider yellow ceramics from Tayda. Not a deal breaker as I was...
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    Sandspur (stupid question?)

    When I think of Silicon Fuzz Faces, my mind immediately goes to David Gilmour and Meddle/DSotM. He was using the BC108/BC109 units. Keep in mind though, he was also using a volume pedal to act as a sort of pre-gain for the Fuzz Face, especially coming off of using Germanium units. I have a...
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    Swiss Army Fuzz: Universal Tone Bender MKII/Fuzz Face Board

    I wanted something with the aesthetic of the old fuzz boards but with the construction of a PCB.