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    Question for EU/UK members

    I just got the delivery notice card in my mailbox for my $75 pedalpcb order ($90 including shipping costs). Duties and taxes : 24 € 😯 (around $28)
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    Random pix

    Sunset in Corsica
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    best method for noob to put graphics on pedal

    As a fellow noob, I thought I'd chime in to tell you how I put graphics on my first few pedals. I had some cool Japanese wrapping paper laying around. I just stuck some on pedals and covered it with mod podge. Super fast and easy! But you have to be OK with the fact that they'll be random/unique.
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    Bellum fuzz mkII germanium diodes

    That is probably a silly question: but how do you know that they're used for clipping? I've already broken 3. I know they're really fragile, so I was really gentle. And it broke, but gently :-)
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    Bellum fuzz mkII germanium diodes

    I bent the legs of one of the germanium diodes too close to the glass casing and destroyed it. Do the two germanium diodes need to be the exact same model? Or can they be mismatched?
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    I Think I Need a Better Iron and/or Solder!

    I upgraded from the cheapest soldering iron you could find to a Vellemann Station (VTSSC50N) and couldn't be happier. It's 48 W. It can do 450 C but I set it once at 350 C and never touched the temperature knob again. It cost me around 60€
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    If you could only have one...

    A big thank you to you all, you made my life – well, my pedal building life – so much easier. - Klein wire strippers: showed me that wire stripping could be easy and hassle free. Real game changers (thanks @peccary) - Chem-Wik desoldering braid and Plato wire cutters: do exactly what they're...
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    A fail safe way to deal with LEDs

    I wholeheartedly agree. LEDs are essential (I recently modded a treble booster to add a LED (and a 9V plug).)
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    Lamp (or Helping hands + lamp combo)

    The lighting in my home doesn’t quite cut it for pedal building. Unwanted shadows makes it nearly impossible to solder at night. Any recommendation?
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    A fail safe way to deal with LEDs

    I didn’t even know these existed. A great solution indeed.
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    A fail safe way to deal with LEDs

    Would you mind sharing a picture of what you mean by screw terminals? Thanks ☺️
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    A fail safe way to deal with LEDs

    I always struggle with fitting the LED. Since the LED must be inserted from inside the enclosure, the drilling has to be absolutely spot-on in order for the LED legs to go through the PCB easily. Needless to say, mine is not JoviBenKenobi good yet. In Jovi’s step-by-step guide, the LED fits...
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    Wren and Cuff Garbage Face

    J Mascis’ favourite muff replica + germanium treble booster + clean boost
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    SOLVED Duocast

    It was indeed a faulty switch. Thanks guys! I swapped it for a new one, rewired it and lo and behold: a working Duocast. Special thanks to @Mcknib for the super detailed explanation!
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    SOLVED Duocast

    I think I was editing my message while you were writing yours. I figured I probably would have to start at R12. But I can’t even get audio there