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    Happy Birthd(el)ay To Me!— 23 Skidoo (Modified Chalumeau)

    ^just added a quick vid of what it sounds like to the OP
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    Happy Birthd(el)ay To Me!— 23 Skidoo (Modified Chalumeau)

    Thanks mate! Life feels like a 33 1/3 rpm record at 78rpm— too fast, and a little bit funny! 37 is young by my standards ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Of course… I may just have bad standards 😅 Thanks on both counts Barry! Just think— if you’re close to 3x my age, it won’t be long until you can make a 69 (nice!)...
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    Happy Birthd(el)ay To Me!— 23 Skidoo (Modified Chalumeau)

    Well, I meant to be able to get this built yesterday, on my actual birthday, but I had a few quick snags (and a busy rush to finish up my final project for the semester) that made me need to spend an hour finishing it up today. For years I’ve planned on building a really wonky pt2399-based...
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    Unison Double Tracker placement

    Since it’s a “studio” effect, I’d personally put it as the last thing in the effects loop other than reverb. That’ll most similarly mimic an actual ADT application in the recording process.
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    The Fingers Overdrive Mockup Pedal

    YATS? Yachts?
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    Chalumeau mods

    Any thoughts on which LDR is best for this circuit? I’ll probably socket it just so I can try ‘em all out, but I’m in a rush to finish this up and don’t have time to test each type out...
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    EVPreamp Mockup Pedal - Arriving Soon!

    Looks nice! I for one like my chicken head knobs to be larger than my enclosure;)
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    Old School Distortion + A Cool Enclosure!

    Very cool! As a huge rush fan, I approve!
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    Plastic potentiometer bumper protector thingamajigymabob

    That’s the kind of troubleshooting that I certainly don’t want to assist in. No thank you!
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    [WIP] PedalPCB SideEffect Relay Bypass Module

    Just noticed this little bit here— that’s a very interesting idea. Over this summer when I start to learn how to program FV-1 patches, I want to start working on a pretty ambitious mod pedal idea, and I had an idea of how to do something pretty much just like this using one of the pot inputs in...
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    [WIP] PedalPCB SideEffect Relay Bypass Module

    Super cool! Crazy that you’re doing this as just last week I was thinking I’d like to do exactly this (specifically the XOR and Dual modes) for a particular effect I’m trying to develop. I told myself I’d figure out how to do it when I’m done with the semester next week, but it looks like you...
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    Searching the matching PCB for this schematic

    It’s an LPB with r1 and r2 roughly doubled, r3 as a pot, slightly different coupling cap values, and a 1k resistor on the input
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    Here's the Soundcloud link to what I recorded with the screaming bird on the breadboard, if any of ya wanna check out what out sounds like.
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    Verdict is I get the hype, but don’t buy into it myself. I’ve got a Good number of 386s lying around so I might give it second chance in the future. Good tip on the 386 temperature tho- I’ll have to keep that in mind. Second was a Screaming Bird treble boost. I actually dig it and didn’t find...
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    Well, first breadboarded effect on the mini Protoboard wound up being a plain old Acapulco gold, just to see what all the fuss is about. shown here with an additional B2K pot in series with the 10μF cap of the first 386’s gain-set pins so I could experiment with taming the first gain stage.