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    Parentheses Fuzz, octave pot swap

    Juuuust found some, never mind
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    Parentheses Fuzz, octave pot swap

    Hello all, Putting together another parentheses fuzz with one of the boards I’ve had laying around forever. I should have checked my drawers before putting it together but I was itching to build it. I don’t have any pcb mount B50k pots for the octave. Could I swap this with a B100k or a B25k...
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    War Scythe octave gating

    Been following a few of these war scythe threads hoping to solve similar issues. Fuzz sides sound alright but the octave does almost nothing on its own and when all three switches are on, the amount of noise generated is unreal. Hoping someone comes through with the solution, because I’m just...
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    Warscythe build noise issue?

    Having the same issues mentioned here. Just testing through a smaller speaker right now but the octave doesn’t really come through and when all switches are engaged it becomes terribly noisy. drilling template placed the l.e.d. holes fairly far away from where they needed to be so lots of extra...