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    In over my head on SMD project

    Awesome can’t wait to see what you cooked up.
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    Not sure if I had said this enough....

    Thank you all! This little community has been very helpful in both the hobby of electronics, pedal building and a challenging time in my life...
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    Dwarven Hammer

    Well after a few attempts at some kind of overly complicated circuit along with a few other design flaws I was gifted with this elegantly efficient circuit
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    CONTEST Protoboards have landed...

    43 because @Harry Klippton took the answer to life the universe and everything....
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    Dwarven Hammer

    Thanks! Yeah getting the light plate to work how I wanted was a lesson in how much I don’t know and still have to learn.
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    Dwarven Hammer

    It’s a water slide decal and clear coat.
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    Dwarven Hammer

    Thanks! For the most part it was a pretty straightforward build with a few bells and whistles.
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    Dwarven Hammer

    Finished up a Dwarven hammer for a friend..(but I want to keep it...) with help from @Chuck D. Bones making the blinking lights work( that was all Chuck I was banging my head on the table trying to figure it out) and the green LED swap for the 1n4148 clipping diodes (makes the pedal way more...
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    Delay vs. Reverb

    I’m a big fan of both, different tools for different jobs. But Since you are forcing me into a corner I have to pick delay. To me it’s more versatile and chances are the engineer or sound guy is going to use reverb in the mix wether you like it or not anyway...🤣
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    If they were a one hit wonder...

    I personally would have went with fish fuck but that’s a winner too.
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    If they were a one hit wonder...

    Brain stew. Frank Zappa
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    Loafing Lounge

    I’m with you it’s not working out like I was wanting it to.
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    Loafing Lounge

    Maybe I’ll come back later I’m still having trouble with this I can’t seem to figure out how to pick off the guitar signal with out grounding it out, or turning into some crude noise gate or clipping circuit... lol... back to the drawing board I
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    About air conditioning control in cars

    I’m an R12 man myself... we don’t need no ozone layer... I wanna hang meat in my 78 Mercedes diesel!
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    EHX Clone Theory

    And my auto correct is all messed up... for about a year I was trying to learn German by texting and and all I learned is your phone will never be the same.