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    This is why I don't trace circuits from photos

    I can tell it's fake because there's no trim pot to dial in that transistor bias
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    CONTEST $100 Small Bear Gift card

    I'd start with a Peak DCA. Then a bunch of Ge Transistors to test until I reach the $100 mark.
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    Ungula Fuzz for Bass Guitar

    Sweet. I may breadboard this if/when I get a bass again
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    Going off the SMDeep End

    Hold on there, Babalooey, who said anything about well-laid-out? I get things in a pretty grid and hit "auto route." Also, what's "dead bug style?"
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    Going off the SMDeep End

    I saw a bunch of videos online where people are making fancy temperature controllers to follow a reflow profile. Are you saying that's BS and I just need to time or watch it?
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    CONTEST Protoboards have landed...

    Well, I was going to guess 17 so either way... back to waiting until my next paycheck. Nobody buy them out of stock.
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    Had any "WOW" moments with a build recently?

    I've been listening to a lot of doom metal, particularly Boris lately. So, you know, probably DADGAD or Open E. Maybe Nashville tuning.
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    Had any "WOW" moments with a build recently?

    I've also built a Violet Rams Head, with the tone mod switch I saw on tagboardeffects. Sounds killer. My most surprising pedal has been the Parthenon. I still don't have it boxed up, but just in the Auditorium board, it became my favorite overdrive. For completed builds, I was surprised how...
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    Random pix

    From the day job. We're demonstrating how you can measure the vibration modes of a vehicle using our laser-robots.
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    If they were a one hit wonder...

    Something Good This Way Comes Oh, how about his dad, Bob?
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    If they were a one hit wonder...

    Son Of Suzy Creamcheese Pink Floyd
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    Who we really are

    I'm in Brighton. Just up the road, kinda.
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    Unpopular opinion-bands you should like but don't

    I was beginning to start typing out a list, but I think it will suffice to say I dislike and am bored by blues guitarists who are younger than, say, John Lee Hooker. I am surprised to realize that I dislike most prog except for Pink Floyd, Rush, and Genesis. Fleetwood Mac and Steely Dan are...
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    What's on the workbench?

    beginning to wonder if I'm the only one here who's never had a tube amp
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    Promethium Filter Question

    Yeah, I could see that R16, C8, and R18 are all going to the inverting side of the TL072 op amp. This makes that stage an active inverting high pass filter. Although, I think it's actually technically a bandpass filter because of C9 being there too. This is more advanced than the rudimentary...