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Recent content by ryanisradd

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    Do any of you play live, and what genre of music is it?

    I play in this weird band PedalPCB projects on the bass, guitar, vocals and banjo!
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    Binaura Stereo FV-1

    I didn’t know the FV-1 could sound that good!
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    Walrus Slo or Earthquaker Transmisser Please!

    Transmisser would be great! I imagine the circuit very similar to the afterneath but with a lowpass filter in the output. Figuring out the weird modulated reverb algorithm would be the hard part.
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    DOD Meatbox

    Yes please!
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    EQD Dispatch Master

    Almost positive it’s the latter. I’m sure when they were designing it they had a clock adjustment knob on their prototype and kept adjust until they found the sweet spot!
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    Delay with reverse function

    The Old Blood Noise/Data Choir Rever uses two FV-1's to make a really good reverse delay and reverb sound.
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    EQD Dispatch Master

    Pretty sure it uses analog feedback control (like the DroloFX pedals) to free up more memory space for the FV-1. It also doesn't have a crystal (at least not in the V3 that I've got) and it uses a CD4049 like the PedalPCB clock module. It's a near perfect sounding algorithm though, I love it!
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    Chase Bliss Audio M O O D

    I think the some of the sounds are definitely obtainable but the functionality of Chase Bliss pedals are out of reach for most DIY stuff.
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    Fitting two PCB's within an 1590BB

    I've done it quite a few times. Best advice is measure twice, drill once! It is very doable though if you take your time and plan well. There is a 1590BBS that is 4mm taller than the regularr 1590BB. That gives you a bit more vertical room making top mounted jacks easier which can help with a...
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    LED Positioning

    They actually fit perfect in 1590Bs you just have to snip off the little black plastic tab where the wires come out. I just built an etched EQD Bellows in a 1590B with one! Also, I usually just run the power back to the DC jack because the leads on those prewired LEDs are long enough to reach...
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    LED Positioning

    Love My Switches sells these prewired (with resistor) LED's in a nice bezel for $.99 they are a pleasure to use. https://lovemyswitches.com/leds/
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    Octagon - did I do something incorrectly?

    The delay is inherit to the FV-1 I'm pretty sure. Every pitch shifter I've heard/played using an FV-1 has as delay to it unfortunately. Still makes for some cool riffs though!
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    EQD Afterneath

    The Drag control on the Afterneath is definitely a clock adjustment. The program seems to be a series of multitap delay lines that melts into reverb when the clock for the FV-1 is changed. My guess is the Diffuse, Reflect and Length are the three FV-1 controls and the Dampen is an analog tone...
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    Stereo FV-1 effects?

    The Supermoon Eclipse from Mr. Black is incredible and the best example of a stereo FV-1 pedal (at least in my opinion). Listen to a stereo demo on youtube with some headphones, you won't be disappointed.