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    Great pedal stacks…

    Mad bean touchstone. Tone pad has a small clone pcb. Small bear carries them.
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    I bought the mounting brackets but they didn’t work with old classic 2 board. So I decided to use dual lock and was nervous but it works. So I’d imagine it will work just as well for the Ojai.
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    I have the old version of the Classic 2 for about 10 years or so. I'm not sure what to say about it. It's solid. I bought it with the tour case and have never had an issue with either. It can hold a fair amount of pedals, but some of my pedalboards have been Tetris-ed together. I also have a...
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    FV-1 sighting

    Thanks for the heads up. Just ordered two.
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    Powder Blue Overdrive Mockup Pedal

    You should be able to use the standard 4 knob layout from Tayda.
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    Powder Blue Overdrive Mockup Pedal

    Check this thread @PedalPCB posted a picture with the values on the board. So you can probably make your own BOM from that
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    Solid or Stranded?

    I typically use stranded. I started pedal building on vero, and found that stranded wire was easier to use for the rats nest that inevitably happened.
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    Gravitational Reverb Mockup Pedal - Arriving Soon!

    Check this thread for the parts list
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    6 Band EQ Mods

    You can change the frequencies on the eq pedal. Here’s a gyrator eq calculator link For each frequency range there are two caps and two resistors. Adjusting those will adjust the frequency. if you look at the schematic pot 6 c5, c6, r10 and r11 set the...
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    DIY Midi

    those are both good options. I suppose the HX effects would offer more flexibility and you'd be less likely to run out of space. I currently don't have any midi pedals, but am considering buying a few. I have always liked the idea of having fewer pedals that can cover a wide range of tones, but...
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    DIY Midi

    While I am not knowledgable enough to help with MIDI I saw this pop up on the madbean forum and thought it might be beneficial.
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    Who we really are

    Hi everyone, my name is Simon, I'm 34 and live in the greater Vancouver area (Surrey) with my wife and 1.5children. my 2nd is due at the end of January. My day job is a mix of things, but I take care of my toddler most days. My wife, Nicole, is a nurse so she has been kept busy during the past...
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    Two Rock John Mayer Sig Preamp Pedal

    WOW!! that looks awesome. that's some clean work
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    String gauge what are you using?

    My tele currently has 9’s in standard tuning. In the past I used 10’s and 11’s. but I developed tendinitis in my wrist from repetitive work in a warehouse job. After I quit it would still bother me once in a while. So I started using lighter gauged strings and it hasn’t been an issue since. my...
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    Desoldering SMD Chips

    I think I can wait a little longer. the board is a mess. It was completed and working but it had noise issues that I was unable to troubleshoot, so it has become a donor board.