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  1. Dan0h

    Sell or Cannibalize?

    I found this ole thing buried in box. Thought about selling it but at the price they are going for thought I’d pop it open and see if there was any treasures. Hand full of Fairchild J201s and 2n5088s among other things. And it might make for a sleeper enclosure for something really nice. What...
  2. Dan0h

    Caesar Chorus Build

    Finished this morning. LOTS-OF-COMPONENTS! Sounds great. I haven’t had a chorus pedal since the 90s.
  3. Dan0h

    Dual Pedal Build Poll

    If you could have a pedal baby which two parents would you put together. I have an extra 1590XX and these boards ready to build, who should I combine?
  4. Dan0h

    Duocast success!

    Super stoked on this one. Only subs were the 2x 100uf for 120uf and my 10ohm resistors were around 15ohms. 4th success in a row. Thank you to this kick ass forum. 🤘🏼 Not even mad about the knobs slight overlap, the gorva is a wee bit tight for my sausage fingers on this build.
  5. Dan0h

    Duocast R13 use?

    Still trying to learn more so I don’t have to ask these noob questions. What does R13 (10ohms) do in the Duocast build? I see it’s coming off the voltage switch from the charge pump, but what is its purpose. And specifically my 10ohm resisters were all reading closer to 15ohms how will this...
  6. Dan0h

    DuoCast 100uf 50v ok for 120uf?

    I saw several confirmations in the simulcast threads about subbing in a 100uf for the 120uf caps. I just wanted to confirm that it will also work in the Duocast. I have two 100uf 50v caps but zero 120uf caps. Thank you again forum.
  7. Dan0h

    Small Bear?

    I placed my first order with Small Bear last week. So far every shop, vendor, store, small biz, what ever you name it the shop community that supplies all these awesome parts, has been super easy to work with and lightening fast getting orders out the door. So I thought it was strange that a...
  8. Dan0h

    1590xx way too big

    Ran into my first parts bad call. Ordered two 1590xx enclosures from Tayda to house a Paragon and a Duocast. Opened them up today and they are beyond ginormous. Dropped the ball, should have drawn out the dimensions before ordering. I’ve seen people get the Duocast in a gorva 1590bb can the...
  9. Dan0h

    Friday 13th Doom Hole...

    Finished Black Hole #2 tonight. Spaghetti wires... Pretty stoked though, my 3rd working pedal in a row. Liking these Gorva enclosures a lot. Did Jovi’s trick with mounting the pots in the top of the enclosure before soldering, what a life saver. There’s no way I would have been able to make...
  10. Dan0h

    How long did it take you to realize shipping fees

    I am realizing what a huge impact shipping has on the overall cost of this hobby. The first month I was so excited that I was just firing off orders on a whim. I should have just made a wish list and made larger orders instead of tons of small orders for each pedal. Anyways, just wondering how...
  11. Dan0h

    Issues with cheap jacks and switch

    Is it just me or is it a common problem. When I solder to cheap jacks and Tayda foot switches, my solder will not stick very easily. When I solder to switch craft jacks or foot switches I received from LoveMySwitches the solder flows and sticks like glue instantly. My guess is the cheap metals...
  12. Dan0h

    TY-142p in the Duocast?

    Has anyone used a TY-142P in place of a TY-141P for the Duocast build? The 141P is out of stock everywhere, but the 142p is in stock. Difference in the secondary impedance, DRC, and looks like the "2" has a different Turns Ratio: Also, if anyone can explain what those differences would...
  13. Dan0h

    Schematic Symbol Question, noob

    On the Son of Ben Preamp Schematic there are three points that end at a small square symbol, The bass pot A1 & B1, and the Treble Pot 3. Are these points not connected to anything, as pots can have one side not connected or are these connected to ground? I would assume they are not connected to...
  14. Dan0h

    Supro tremolo gain stage

    I am really liking the sounds of the gain stage on the Supro tremolo pedal, via YouTube... I saw that the pedal itself is most likely to complex to turn into a DIY pedal but does anyone know what would be a great gain pedal that sounds the same? Just the gain not the tremolo part. Thanks for any...
  15. Dan0h

    Schematic component order?

    I have a question about component layout. I want to build a Green Russian so I can compare it to my original Green Russian and see how close I can get the one I build vs the original. I noticed that the PedalPCB schematic is almost identical to the one kitrae's site but that the Diode clipping...
  16. Dan0h

    SOB restock, just curious

    Is there an ETA on the SOB boards? Very eager to get my hands on a second try. Thank you
  17. Dan0h

    General Tso!

    I’m F’n excited. I spent two nights slowly building, going through motion by motion checking and double checking every little step of the General Tso build. Boxed it before rocking it. Plugged it in and nothing, no sound, nadda. Checked every single thing up and down in and out. Beyond...
  18. Dan0h

    Resistor question

    I swore it wouldn’t happen to me, and it did. Ordered 82ohm instead of 82k ohms resistors. Laying out the parts for a General Tso build tonight. Can I run a 39k and 47k in series to come in at 86k, use a 100k or should I just do what I can and order a 82k and wait for it to come in? Not sure...
  19. Dan0h

    SOB back and forth...

    This has been an adventure. I am still going back and forth with my first build. The SOB. I was able to trace down all the issues and get it working unboxed, sounded awesome. So I boxed it and decided I should try biasing it per spec too see if the sound would get even better. For some reason I...
  20. Dan0h

    SOLVED First build excitement, and then reality hits.

    I assembled my first pedal yesterday, SOB. The DC jack I ordered didn’t line up right so I decided to use a 9v battery clip instead until I could get a proper DC jack. When finished I plugged in my guitar, hooked up a battery and plugged into the amp - everything worked, got sound, bypass is...