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  1. Kroars

    Thunder Pipe MPS2222 & MPA2222?

    Hello folks, About to build the Thunder Pipe and I’m curious about Q3. On my board Q3 is listed as MPA2222 and I cannot seem to find this particular transistor. I’m wondering if it’s a misprint on the silk screen and is supposed to be the MPS2222 like Q4? If anyone has built one of these I’d...
  2. Kroars

    Photo of Shrapnel (Gunshot) silkscreen?

    I’m hoping someone has Shrapnel pcb floating around to take a photo showing the components and post in a reply. I built two identical Shrapnel’s and I’m convinced I have a wrong value resistor somewhere as I’m getting almost no output at all when volume and gain are full CW. I’d like to double...
  3. Kroars

    Photo of Shrapnel (Gunshot) silk screen?

    I’m hoping someone has a photo of the silk screen for the Shrapnel board? I think I was a bit hasty and through in the wrong value resistor and I’d like to double check the values. Here’s a photo of my board if someone can spot the wrong value resistor. I’m getting hardly any output at all...
  4. Kroars

    Bellum MKI vs. MKII

    So, I built two of the MKII’s and they sounded great. I built two of the MKI’s (leaving out the *27k resistor* and the two *ge diodes*) and it sounded similar to the MKII’s except I had to turn the volume pot full CW to get close to unity volume. Curious if anyone else has had the same issue...
  5. Kroars

    *Bellum MKI*

    Hello all, Im about to build a couple of the Bellum MKI’s and noticed the *27k* resistor and two *ge diodes* listed on the silk screen. I searched through the forum and only found a mention about the 27k. I don’t suppose anyone knows why these particular components have the * on each side of...
  6. Kroars

    Dark Rift Delay 1n4148’s silk screen shows symmetrical on one board and asymmetrical on the other

    Curious if anyone else has seen this and if yes, what did you decide on symmetrical or asymmetrical 1n4148’s? See top left corner of boards with 1n4148’s silk screen:
  7. Kroars

    Flux or rosin core solder?

    Hope everyone had a nice relaxing holiday. Was curious, do you use a flux pen (or similar) or do you use solder with a rosin core? Do you find one method superior and if so why?
  8. Kroars

    Valhalla PCB

    Hello, I'm curious if we'll see the Valhalla pcb in stock in the near future. I could be mistaken but it seems like its been out of stock for quite a while. A buddy of mine would really like one and Id be happy to give him the one I built for personal, but want to make sure that it will be...
  9. Kroars

    OctaMayer seems thin & tinny

    Built two of the OctaMayer pedals and I’m curious if there is something I could’ve done to bring out the best in them. Both sound exactly the same a bit thin and tinny lacking in the octave dept. On one build I matched the two 1n4148’s at 0.648 vf and the other at 0.645 vf with my DMM on the...
  10. Kroars

    TRIAD OD & Dist J201 vs J202?

    Hey there, Ive got the Triad OD & Distortion pcb’s and planned on putting them in the same enclosure. I’ve got a bunch of the smd J201’s and was curious if I could sub the 201 for the 202’s the pcb calls for? Is it true that J201’s have less gain then the J202’s and if yes will there be an...
  11. Kroars

    Underminer Sub Octave MPSA13/18?

    Looks like a great circuit! I’m wondering, could I replace the MPSA14 with a 13 or 18? Would it make much of a different in this particular effect? Thank you!
  12. Kroars

    LED/LDR Question for optical trems & compressors

    Hello all, Ive got a couple questions regarding the LED’s that pair up with LDR’s in these circuits. 1. Is diffused better than water clear? Does it depend on the circuit? 2. Is there a difference between 3mm & 5mm? I find that when I build a Vactrol it’s a better fit (for me anyway) using a...
  13. Kroars

    Just a quick note of thanks to PedalPCB

    Just had to mention how great I think your company is. The products are top notch, the website is very easy to use, the forums are fantastic and the customer service is second to none. You guys have really been kickin ass lately, seems like new PCB’s are coming out weekly and they’re all great...
  14. Kroars

    Depot Fuzz (EQD Terminal Fuzz)

    Hello, Is there a preferred hfe range for the two 2n2222’s and one 2n3904? Thanks!
  15. Kroars

    Could faulty 3PDT switch cause a short?

    So, I’ve built 50+ pedals (vast majority PedalPCB) and while I’ve had some issues during the first few, with the help of a few of you here I’ve been able to solve. I’m happy to report that the last 35+ have been “issue free” and work great (thanks again for your help!!). Well, I’m back again...
  16. Kroars

    Faulty 3PDT switch causing short to ground?

    So, I’ve built 50+ pedals (vast majority PedalPCB) and while I’ve had some issues during the first few, with the help of a few of you here I’ve been able to solve. I’m happy to report that the last 35+ have been “issue free” and work great (thanks again for your help!!). Well, I’m back again...
  17. Kroars

    Panspermia (Seppuku Space Fuzz) transistor hfe?

    Hello all, Ive been scouring the ol’ interwebs and cannot seem to find an optimal range for the hfe of the three transistors for the build. It calls for three 2n5088’s, and that’s what I used but it just sounds crazy. Having not played around with the original Seppuku, I’m not sure how it’s...
  18. Kroars

    Trouble finding 2N2222’s & 2N3904 in 150-200 hfe range

    Like the title suggests, I can’t seem to find many 2N2222 or 2N3904 with hfe between 150-200. They’re typically much higher like high 200’s up to high 400’s. Been to Small Bear, Tayda, Pedal Hacker etc. Seems like out of a batch of 25 I’ll get maybe 3 in that range. Rest are way higher...
  19. Kroars


    Love this reverb! Happy that they offer to solder the FV-1.
  20. Kroars

    Tayda Potentiometers

    Hope everyone is well, I’ve used Smallbear right angle pots for the last year and I’m very happy with them. Unfortunately, stock is getting low. I was shopping around and noticed that Tayda sells pots with a dust cover for a third of the cost that SB does. Id like to restock, but am curious...