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  1. Travis

    Budget Audio Interface

    Hi everyone! I wanna buy a new interface and I'm looking Audient iD14 MKII or SSL 2+. I will use it with my guitar and plugins, aslo with a torpedo captor and other times with some mics for test. Wich ones is a better choice? Thank you !
  2. Travis

    Analog delays!

    Some analog delays or Bucket Brigade could be cool!
  3. Travis

    Menatone Blue Collar

    For Fish Factory Build!!
  4. Travis

    Fish Factory

    Hi! I wanna build a double overdrive like Fish Factory. I'm not Happy with Paragon build, and I don't like BB side of the duellist build. I like natural overdrive but with more gain and cut through the mix than de Paragon and the Kings Hand sounds with tons of treble with my own guitar and...
  5. Travis

    Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster Lovely booster
  6. Travis

    How to learn to design PCBs?

    Hi! I wanna learn how to make my own PCBs. I would like to learn only out of curiosity. What do you recommend me to do? Thanks!
  7. Travis

    VS Audio Straight Flush and Royal Flush

    Nice overdrives
  8. Travis

    Muroidea [Bass Mod]

    Hi everyone! I wanna mod my Muroidea for use it with Bass, some recommendation? Thanks you all
  9. Travis

    Question about Fender Footswitchs

    Hi everyone! I bought one Fender Princeton 65, I wanna know how footswitch works. The reverb gets on when Sleeve and Ring is connected or when they are disconnected? I wanna build one footswitch with leds. Thanks everyone
  10. Travis

    FoxRox Octron!!!

    Lovely pedal!
  11. Travis

    Adding a 3 way DPDT (On-Off-On) to Paragon.

    Hi everyone, Im learning a lot with this PCBs, just I wanna know if this schematic it´s correct.
  12. Travis

    Delay Reverb Recommendation

    Hi everyone!! Im looking to one reverb and one or two delays to build and I like analog delays like dm-2 and tape delays. I look at Spatialist Reverb and Deflector Reverb. Which one do you recommend? Delays I saw DMD-2, that It´s suppose to be a good option. I want to build two delays, I...
  13. Travis

    SOLVED Moonshoot Problem

    My ones doesn't boost the volumen and I need to crank the knob to get unity
  14. Travis

    DMD-2 Mod

    Hi everyone !! One simple question: - Can I add a tap tempo to the DMD-2 ? Thanks!!
  15. Travis

    Delay with tap

    Hi! Anyone know some build of delay with tap tempo? I did a DMD-2 but I want another delay with tap...
  16. Travis

    Some Overdrive Recommendation

    Hi! First thanks you PEDALPCB!! now I can make pedals and enjoy it at the same time I learn!!! I did a Kliche Overdrive and a Paragon and I just wanna ask you two question! What overdrive do you recommend me to add to those two? I like blues and rock and I play with a blackface amp... Thank...
  17. Travis

    Delegate Mix Control

    Hi! How can I add a mix control to delegate comp?? Thanks!!
  18. Travis

    1590BB double overdrive

    Hi, I wanna fit the Kings hand overdrive and the loneking overdrive in one 1590BB Also i want to use Next to DC power or jacks, 4 switchs. Two of them to control voice, one to control normal or higain of the kingshand and another one to replacer one knob of the loneking and use the switch like...
  19. Travis

    DOD: Gonkulator Ring-Mod!

    Hi everyone!! How can I mod the original 90´s Gonkulator? I wanna add the Ring knob Thanks!!
  20. Travis

    Muroidea no sound.

    I built a Muroidea, try with some ICs and with some 2n5458... It's doesnt sound. Some help please? Thanks