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  1. untamedfrontier

    Friedman BE Mini Not technically a's solid state, so why not, right?
  2. untamedfrontier

    3-in-1 - Informant, Seabed, ThreeVerb (w/ Demo)

    This pedal came about as me wanting to do something nice for my friend, and kept growing until it became the 3 in 1 behemoth you see now. Wanted to give him something that could be a Swiss army knife, and I think this one does just that. I also drilled the 3pdt hole too close to the center...
  3. untamedfrontier

    April 1st Mystery Image Speculation Thread

    What does everyone think it is? I'm now seeing Low Tide Modulator on the coming soon page, and from the teaser picture it looks like there's a v3207, so maybe this is something like an EHX stereo polychorus? Whatever it is, I WANT IT
  4. untamedfrontier

    Fuzz Foundry Deluxe Build

    Finally boxed up this thing. It's not for the faint of heart. The build is easy, and there are some good tones, but you gotta want it, and tweak tweak tweak. I was pretty surprised when I messed with the stability knob, because it definitely impacts the tone haha Album is Uncle Neil
  5. untamedfrontier

    How close are the traces to the edge on the Hydra?

    I really want to put this in a Gorva C65, but the PCB is a little bit too wide to accommodate that. Can the sides be safely filed down at all or am I playing with fire?
  6. untamedfrontier

    2 in 1 with switchable jacks

    Sorry for the titlegore, but I couldn't figure out how to best say what I want to do ( jacks on, jacks...uhhhh, I'll skip that) Here's the ask: Having a 2 in 1 pedal where it can either be Effect A In > Effect B Out or having individual In & Out for both that is switchable by toggle. Can this...
  7. untamedfrontier

    Pyrocumulus build

    Great pedal, pretty simple build, sounds better than a normal big muff Album is S/T by the White Stripes
  8. untamedfrontier

    EXAMPLE Chorus Example

    Here's the petal chorus example ported over. There are definitely some issues with it. Things that are obviously wrong are related to the encoder. I didn't have any success applying advice from the knobs as encoder thread, because I've been unable to debug the pot_rotary not being declared in...
  9. untamedfrontier

    Benson Germanium Fuzz

    Obvi everyone is gonna want this
  10. untamedfrontier

    Magnetron (demo vid)

    Love this pedal. The degrading repeats are great, sounds incredible.
  11. untamedfrontier

    Cataclysm Delay Build (w/ Demo Video)

    Latergram for this one. Built over the summer, but never posted a build report. Really dig this delay, great for texture and the styles of delays I normally play. Here's a quick n dirty lil demo, hopefully it conveys the feel Album is Mines by Menomena:
  12. untamedfrontier

    Using Knob as Encoder

    I recall Mr. PedalPCB talking about it being theoretically possible to use a knob as an encoder. Has anyone figured out how to do this yet? I'm playing around with the petal Tremolo example now and it relies on the encoder to change the waveform, but would be nice to use on several different...
  13. untamedfrontier

    Limited Gorva colors

    Snagged a few of these beauties
  14. untamedfrontier

    Hakko Tips

    Just picked up a Hakko FX-888D and it rules, but I think the tip is a bit big. I've peeked at their tip guide, but why not get advice from people doing the same thing as me? What's your favorite tip & temp? (I'm using Kester 60/40 .8mm .031" solder)
  15. untamedfrontier

    Footswitch comparison (video)

    Posted this in my paragon build thread as well, but thought some people might like to see a comparison of common footswitches:
  16. untamedfrontier

    Paragon Build

    Finished my Paragon a couple days ago, and boy was it a journey. I thought that I had made all necessary connections for the 3pdt's, as I decided to take this one up to 11 on the premium scale and use the deMont Ultra Premium's, but lo and behold I'd missed a couple connections. I've included a...
  17. untamedfrontier

    Vox Double Deca

    From the award winning Tone Garage series, the Double Deca is a really great sounding bucket brigade analog delay. I decided to crack mine open to see what was going on and immediately NOPED. Might be a fun challenge, or just to pull the modulation circuit out (which is excellent). High part...
  18. untamedfrontier

    EXAMPLE Distortion

    They published a distortion example for the pedal a few weeks ago and I messed around with it a bit last night. The good news: It passes signal! Both hard & soft clip appear to be working. All 3 knobs work as well. The bad news: The LEDs aren't lighting up, and I know the LED section of the code...
  19. untamedfrontier

    Multidelay/Verb combo

    Don't get too excited, there's no working project yet, but I'm going to see if i can get it to work. Essentially, the plan is: Delay on the left footswitch, Reverb on the right. Same basic control scheme as tcpoint's successful port of the examples If Switch 4 is up - Delay controls If Switch 4...
  20. untamedfrontier

    How would this actually look on a breadboard?

    Currently breadboarding the propolis, and I'm having a tough time conceptualizing where to actually put these diodes on my breadboard. Could someone show me?