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  1. ChrisSchwarzkopf

    New Patches for EEPROM-Builder

    I was wondering if it will be possible to add the Effects of the Spacialist Reverb to a Custom EEPROM in the Builder anytime soon? That would be awesome as I am really interested in adding the touch Reverb and the PItch Verb to a Custom EEPROM for my Arachnid. Also I was wondering if the...
  2. ChrisSchwarzkopf

    Cataclysm Delay - minor issues

    Hi there, I wired up my Cataclysm Delay yesterday. Although everything worked the first time I fired it up, there are some minor issues I have with the Pedal, so maybe you can help me with this: The mix knob isn't really working that great: I can hardly hear the repeats when the knob is at...
  3. ChrisSchwarzkopf

    Arachnid with Expression Input

    So, today I finally finished my Arachnid with an Expression-Pedal-Input in order to be able to control each of the 3 Controls via EXP. Its a little messy inside but works great. Followed the awesome tutorial in this forum to improve my soldering and the thing worked the first time I fired it up...
  4. ChrisSchwarzkopf

    Zvex Super Duper

    Oh man, this thing sounds so good:
  5. ChrisSchwarzkopf

    Custom EEPROM - Reverb effects

    Hi, i am planning to Order a custom EEPROM with some reverbs and was Wondering what the blackface and brownface types are like? Are they springy? Whats the diffference?
  6. ChrisSchwarzkopf

    Magnetron Delay: Momentary Feedback Switch?

    Hey, I built the Magnetron Delay and ist sounds great but I was wondering how difficult it would be to add a momentary switch that you can use to push the delay into oscillation? I found this, so maybe its a pretty easy mod: Any...
  7. ChrisSchwarzkopf

    Teisco Delay

    Sorry for all the requests, but this is kind of awesome as well: :)
  8. ChrisSchwarzkopf

    Je T'aime - Rev Log Pot

    I built a JTM Clone and it sounds really fantastic (actually my favorite drive-pedal atm, I just love circuits with very little components), BUT I didn't like the way the Pot works since pretty much all the gain only happened in the range of the last 10-20%. This is a "problem" that often occurs...
  9. ChrisSchwarzkopf

    EP Booster

    I was wondering if there is a PCB for the EP Booster planned? Doesn't seem to be an overly complex circuit :D
  10. ChrisSchwarzkopf

    Beetronics Swarm

    Might be a little to complicated but pretty awesome :P
  11. ChrisSchwarzkopf

    Custom EEPROM - Sound Samples?

    Hi there, would it be possible to add short sound samples for the different effects of the Custom EEPROM? I am really curious about a lot of them and could only find demos of some of the effects. Would be great to know how some of the effects actually sound ;)
  12. ChrisSchwarzkopf

    EQD Dispatch Master

    Any chance there is a Dispatch Master PCB coming up in the future? That would be awesome! :)
  13. ChrisSchwarzkopf

    Photon Vibe - not working

    Hi there, I need your help with the construction of the Photon Vibe: / I finished the vibe and unfortunately it does not work properly. The following happens: If the effect is off, the guitar signal goes through, however the bulb will still light / pulsate, although the LED is off. If I turn on...