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    Dusky Electronics Hypatia

    This seems like a lot of fun!
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    Really happy with how this one turned out! It's a classic rat with a sweet LM208, tantalum caps, and a 3way clipping switch (1n4148s, red LEDs, bat41 & bat41-1n4148 for asymmetrical). The asymmetrical sounds especially fantastic and is something I'd recommend to try if you haven't already. In...
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    Covert - Low Volume

    Just wrapped this thing up using the SMD 4393's and for whatever reason, unity volume is with the knob at max. I believe it sounds like it should, gainy and Marshally, but is just more quiet than I'd like. I'm guessing it might be something around R17, Q5, or the volume pot. Anyone else have any...
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    Fulltone Plimsoul

    Was just thinking about this pedal and thought a PCB would be fun!
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    Drolo Giant Hogweed

    Was doing a bit of reading on the LM308 and came across this. I'm a huge fan of Drolo's pedals and own a couple of them, but I would love to be able to build one of these up! It's something like a mix of a Foxx Tone Machine and a modified Rat...
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    DOD Gonkulator Reissue

    Was just thinking that this would be a fun build to try out a ring mod.
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    Pandora's Box - Bixonic Expandora

    This is the Pandora's Box built with a diode toggle mod (silicon, no clipping, and red LEDs) for different levels of compression and flavor. I honestly didn't know what to expect from this one but the unusual circuit design really intrigued me. All I can say is WOW! Wonderful tonal response and...
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    Double Footswitch Board w/ Boost

    Just had an idea! What if you make a double footswitch board where one is an effect bypass with the 4 connections, and the other a boost circuit. Maybe a SHO or something low parts count. Have the boost level set with an internal trimmer. Maybe have a slide switch to set the order? Let me know...
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    Charge Pump Daughter Board

    Was just thinking this could come in handy as a separate board for some builds. Might be cool to have something that allows you to put a regulator or something on there too to have multiple options for voltages. Or maybe even something like the Deofol and have a 9v/18v toggle at the flick of a...
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    Potentiometer Labels on Silkscreen?

    So I was just thinking about this as I'm wanting to build up the Buzzaround. There are 4 pots and I'm not quite sure which ones are which while waiting on the build docs. Do you think it could be possible to include the potentiometer labels on the silkscreen on the underside? Might be a nice...
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    SMD JFET Pads

    So I think I've seen a couple of your projects have these but it would be really great if you could add SMD pads to all projects using JFETs, assuming they can fit. So much easier and cheaper to get quality SMD ones. Plus they look cleaner than using a through-hole conversion board! 🙃
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    Spirit Box Out Level?

    Just wrapped up the Spirit Box and really like the sound, except it seems to be a bit quiet. Would increasing R4 or replacing it with a 25k trimmer help me get the output volume just right? I think that's how this circuit works but I'd like to check with the knowledgeable folks here before I...
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    Mach 1 Overdrive

    So I've built a bunch of projects from here but am pretty new to the forum.... Figured it was time to show off some of my favorite ones so far! First up is the Mach 1 (Greer Lightspeed). I built one of these for a friend and liked it so much I had to build a 2nd for myself. It's pretty low...
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    ProtoBoard Documents?

    Been building tons of PCB based projects and decided it's time to try out breadboarding and experimenting with circuits. This ProtoBoard seems perfect but I can't seem to find the BOM or build documents for it. Also, any recommendations on some of the hardware pieces would be much appreciated...