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  1. the_grumpy_gnome

    Future of the J201 - Moving forward

    SMD-only is logical and not going to be an issue for many, but I'm concerned that people new to pedal building or new to soldering are going to have a lot of trouble with SMD stuff. I suggest that projects which require them include a warning on the project page, as well as possibly a...
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    LED polarity

    Fyi: If you're still unsure, LEDs are a pretty easy thing to test and flip if necessary.
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    Pythagoras in stereo?

    Could be several things, including dirty power or a micro solder bridge, which are some of the more likely issues.
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    Basic Newbie Question's..

    You're welcome. Aw yeah, tiny solder bridges. Those are very easy to check for and are very often the cause of the issue. Glad your pedal is working.
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    Basic Newbie Question's..

    Hey Mike, I'm not sure you need to worry much about the width of the caps, but the narrower option is probably more likely to fit. Certain caps, such as 470nF caps come in a small and larger size. PedalPCB usually accommodates this by creating a larger foorprint (the spot on the board where...
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    Questions about different resistor and capacitor values

    I used ElectroSmash's TubeScreamer analysis, LTSpice, Flastad and a paper and pad to understand how the TS was working. Once I had that understanding, most pedals made sense from that point one.
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    Questions about different resistor and capacitor values

    Dude, I've spent so much time on, and
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    Questions about different resistor and capacitor values

    This is how I learned about pedals. You figure stuff out as you go. If you want something more 'formal' you can find a few books: is a good one.
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    Pythagoras in stereo?

    You mean effect in output A and dry in output B? Wire a buffered bypass:
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    Basic Newbie Question's..

    Yes It's fine to sub a 1/4w with a 1/2w, etc. This deals with the power dissipation and is really of no concern in a guitar pedal. BUT 10R is literally 1/1000 the resistance of a 10k resistor. The 'k' indicates a 1000x multiplier and the 'R' is shorthand for 10 ohms or 10Ω ). You are...
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    Basic Newbie Question's..

    Here's a conversion chart: and a calculator:
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    Another Simulcast build question - D5: the 15v diode

    Usually eBay. But if you still can't find the exact value, resistors (and caps) have a tolerance: You can buy a set of 20 or so values of a very close value test each one and use the one that's the closest to the value you need. That said, I looked at the schem and you can almost definitely...
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    2.1mm DC Power polarity

    I actually have that picture printed out above my bench. I rarely use the little (2-prong) jacks anymore and when I do, so still use the multimeter to check. Don't believe all the pictures online, esp LED legs)
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    Basic Newbie Question's..

    It depends on what they do in the circuit, but the answer is probably "absolutely not." (You may need to go on ebay and buy a handful of electros. Getting missing parts this way is very common.) Which build are you working on?
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    BOM for Greengage, Spillway?

    If you have the PCBs they usually have everything you need printed right on them.
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    EHX Magnum 44 Pedal Amplifier

    Hey, that's cool! I see your sub out- that's something I've always wanted to try.
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    EHX Magnum 44 Pedal Amplifier

    I run a similar setup: pedalboard, two 'stompbox' amps and two speakers. I love it.
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    Potentiometer mod option

    Yep. Another option is to solder a lead onto each eyelet and then the other ends to the board (the old-fashioned way). You won't be able to mount it to the PCB like the others, but that's not an issue. I always do this when I change up 'the suggested' knob configuration.
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    Pitch Witch Question

    The hardest part of my Pitch Witch build was finding that vactrol or LED/LDR combo. I learned a lot.
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    Types of enclosure decoration...

    Note: Clear Gloss Sticker Sheet: I'll just house my next pedal in a coffee mug. Neat.