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    Resistors sourced from Tayda

    I just recently purchased a variety of parts from them and very pleased with the quality. That being said, how's the quality of the metal film resistors? Are the leads super thin and cheap or anything like that? Asking for a friend.
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    Finally got this project done, first time experimenting with water slide decals. I'm very pleased with the results and it fired up upon testing!
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    Waterslide decal question

    So I'm not new to making pedals but figured I would try out using a water slide decal and looking for advice. I was planning on printing a rectangle, covering the whole enclosure. I was going to adhere it to the box first and spray some protective acrylic and then drill the holes. Is this how...
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    BJF Dyna Red

    This might be a cool easy one to do, thought I'd throw it out there.
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    derailer voltage question

    Anyone try running this pedal at 18V? If so, any typical improvement over the 9V or should I just stick to 9V? I'm asking because I'm selecting which power filter caps voltage threshold to use 16V or 25V due to size constraints.
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    Friedman build advice

    Looking to do a couple Friedman clone builds next. Any suggestions from people who've already built some? Specifically, I'm looking at FET city drive, dirty sanchez, thermionic, and brown betty Probably definitely getting the aurum drive for lower gain stuff, but I primarily like higher gain...