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    Something different - Amp Stand/ Pedal Board

    Hey, thought I would share something different. The wife wanted me to move my gear out of the living room, so I compromised and made an amp stand/ pedal board that would tidy things up and match the book shelf I built. Super cheap to make. I dug through the Douglas fir at Home Depot to find...
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    Ghost Echo - Pearls for Swine

    This is another recycled beer label. This time from Lervig in Norway. The name of the beer translated to "Pearls for Swine." Pedal sounds awesome. I've been holding off for too long on building it. Not sure if I want to go with the clear knobs, or these metal telecaster knobs that barely fit...
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    Bumble Buzz - Daruma Doll

    Because this thing is so damn simple, I wanted to do something really fun for the layout. So I transformed the box into a Daruma Doll. They're little paper mâché figures that represent the first Monk to bring Zen Buddhism to Japan. You'll see a little one hanging out next to my painters tape...
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    Son of Ben

    Well, this ended up being a lot of bad luck. It started with bad jacks. Then somehow I managed to blow some capacitors. Then of course, I had some bad jFets. But now it's up and running. Recently I was on vacation in Denmark, and I pulled the label of a beer can I thought was cool. Stuck it...
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    Son of Ben Troubleshooting

    Hey, This Benson build is driving me nuts. I’m getting no output, and also, very low voltage at my transistors. Without transistors in the socket, I’m getting 9v at the socket. Once I have transistors in, I’m measuring 1.6v to .4v I found a faulty electrolytic, and reflowed my solder, but...
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    Fun with waterslide decals

    All of these designs were done with waterslide decals, printed on an old crappy laser printer. The layouts were made using Apple's free "Pages" app and some images taken from google. Obviously, it only prints in black tones, but that makes it more fun to find ways to be creative. The Pink...