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  1. Big Monk

    Ampeg Scrambler

    I’ve got all the old transistors and diodes. Would love to see a Pedal PCB Scrambler with Volume control.
  2. Big Monk

    Aion Fx Ares (Clinch EP Pre Clone) JFET Testing

    Building the Ares according to this: Only issue is none of the JFETs are matching the values in the document using my TC1 component tester. Maybe the test voltage? It uses 4.5 vDC if I’m not mistaken. I have 10 of each to choose from...
  3. Big Monk

    It’s build time…

    Enclosures came in with my Tayda order. It’s time to build! I need to sort the order into my parts bins: The queue is as follows: Aion Fx Ares (Clinch Fx EP Pre) (Sand Black Enclosure) Pedal PCB Tearjerker Pedal PCB Muffin (Violet Ram’s Head with Low Gain Amperex A115) (Ball Silver...
  4. Big Monk

    Output Buffer with Volume Control for Unity Gain

    Long story short: My TC Electronic Drip Spring Reverb has an incredibly rich spring reverb tone but falls short, noticeably, from unity gain. TC Electronic won't give me the schematic and punted me to their service vendors. Service Vendors are of course not going to give it to me either...
  5. Big Monk

    Swiss Army Fuzz: Universal Tone Bender MKII/Fuzz Face Board

    I've just finished putting together the design for a Universal Classic Fuzz board: It's designed around the Pedal PCB 3 Knob predrilled enclosures from Tayda. Some of the design parameters: 1.) Power Supply filtering on board, including electrolytic and ceramic caps and protection diode...
  6. Big Monk

    Boards not in stock...

    @PedalPCB Is there a way to know when a board will be back in stock? I’m looking to put in an order and need a Tone Vendor.
  7. Big Monk

    EHX Good Vibes

    I’ve been wanting a true Univibe type pedal for some time. Finally bit the bullet and got a sweet deal on Reverb. The Good Vibes: I went with the EHX Expression Pedal as well:
  8. Big Monk

    Tearjerker Suggestions, Recommendations, Lessons Learned, etc.

    Gearing up to order the remainder of the parts I need to build a Tearjerker into my Dunlop Fasel Wah shell. Anyone have anything they want to share?
  9. Big Monk

    The Breadboard Chronicles: Gettin’ Fuzzy

    So I’ve been having fun lately not committing to any circuit in particular and videoing myself playing poorly through them. Figured id post some of them here. Ge Fuzz Face: EDIT: I should probably comment on the setup and pedal. I’ll do this as a general rule in future videos. AMP - Single...
  10. Big Monk

    Ibanez AD9

    I’m longing for my old AD9 but not for the prices I’m seeing on Reverb. I would love an AD9 PCB so that I could box two up in a BB enclosure and have switchable delays. Here’s hoping!
  11. Big Monk

    Ampeg Scrambler

    Being a PedalPCB fan AND a huge Cactus fan, I’d love to see a modified Scrambler with Volume control. Fingers crossed!
  12. Big Monk

    Enhanced Tone Vendor MK II

    I want to give my business to PedalPCB because I like the quality and I enjoy being able to buy predrilled and prefinished enclosures from Tayda. In the past 6 months I’ve been breadboarding and tweaking the classic MKII circuit and I’ve found some very useful enhancements that I’d love to be...