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  1. tommasoc

    SOLVED Closed circuit booster limiter SoloDallas Storm - no sound

    Hi guys, just finished this build but there’s no sound when the pcb is engaged. I checked few sections and I hear the sound. I hear the sound from every pot, from the positive of the optoisolator, from pin 6 of RC4558 and from LM386N (I don’t remember the pin). From the output pin of the pcb...
  2. tommasoc

    Closed circuit limiter booster - NSL-32 optoisolator orientation

    Hi guys, I'm finishing the build of the SoloDallas Storm but I'm not sure of the correct orientation, am I doing it right? Next question, does anybody know why one 120pf and one 10uf cap are optional? How do they effect the sound and are they in the original schematic? Thanks
  3. tommasoc

    OASIS pcb with different resistor? 10K or 1M?

    Hello, I've searched about it but I wasn't able to find any info in the forum. I just received a new Oasis pcb, I've already built 2-3 Oasis pedals in the past. This pcb has got a different resistor from what I see on the website. The 1M resistor in the photo is a 10K in the pcb, is that correct...
  4. tommasoc

    Parentheses mini fuzz - expression pedal connection

    Hello, I'm preparing to build a parentheses mini fuzz, has anybody tried to install the expression pedal connection to control the octave section like the new EQD version? Thanks Tommaso