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    Smallsound/Bigsound Mini

    Just did a little Google-fu. It appears that Brian from Smallsound/Bigsound did post the schematic at Freestompboxes, however, the image is no longer available. :( He also mentioned making some PCBs for DIY. I don't know that it ever happened though. There are a couple of layouts based on that...
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    norns shield [non-pedal build report and SMD experience]

    Good to see another Norns user here. I built one last fall and it is a really interesting and fun effect. I wanted to use it in mono, so I added a small splitter/mixer circuit before the Norns and a booster circuit after so I can control the output volume with an external knob. I also added...
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    EQD = Swiss things

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    Daydream V2

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    Making water slide decal art work

    I use Inkscape. I import the drill template from the pdf of the build document. Usually it coverts it such that I can manipulate and delete the parts of the template that I don't need. Then I plan the artwork on top of the template. Finally, I hide the template and print the artwork. For me, it...
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    Pisound/Pedal Pi This is a little different than the usual around here, but I would love to have a PedalPCB version of something like this. Perhaps a little more guitar pedal specific than the Pisound. Blokas MODEP appears to be a cool way to make a digital multi-effect pedal. There...
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    The Bollocks - a King Midas

    That switch looks really interesting. Please keep us updated on how it holds up.
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    Spacialist Graphics

    Something like this?
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    EHX Magnum 44 Pedal Amplifier

    Have anyone looked at this: Seems like it is in line with this thread.