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    ElectroVibe - parts question

    No doc on website. Can I use L78L15, Silonex 7532 and 7371 lamp for this Vibe?
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    Tyrian C6

    Sanguine, Malachite both pedal used 4.7nF but Tyrian used 2.2nF for C6. Has anyone ever replaced C6 with 4.7nF?
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    Bootleg OD

    Does it look similar? Choose high hfe(280-290) 2n3904 TR. Low hfe(190-211) TR makes poor sound.
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    My favorite setting is diode clipping off. BTW Presence knob works reverse. (Zero position is Max.)
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    Kliche (Centaur)

    This is my version of Centaur. I did best I can.
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    Derailer (ethos twe-1)

    Use tantal capacitor for C24. This is must. Most important thing for making this pedal.
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    Special OD (dumbloid)

    Nichicon FG capacitors were using for both 2.2uF, 22uF. Opamp is LM833N chip. I tried so many opamp chips but this is the only chip which didn't make noise. Strongly recommend.
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    Tyrian & Sanguine

    Satisfaction guaranteed.
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    SOFTii drive

    1/2W & 1/4W resistors EPCOS MKT, Pilkor & Orangedrop Cap Nichicon FG 6 of MPF4393's.
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    Delegate Compressor

    Nice optical compressor !
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    Sabbath Dist.

    It was builted in October 2018 but has been upgraded so many times,, and finally completed today morning. I'll never open it again.
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    Marble drive

    My version: R2, R3, R4, R6 ; 1/2W carbon composition resistor. It makes sound rough & muddy. R5, R7 ; carbon film resistor The other resistors are metal film resistor. Trim 1: 4.0V Trim 2: 5.0V Trim 3: 8.0V
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    Covert - DLS mkIII

    - Carbon film resistors for all signal path. 6 carbon composition resistors for R2, R3, R10, R15, R20, R21. - R3 is 1k, R10 is 680. It's original pedal's correct value. I did R4, R11, C18 Mod, but now back to the original values. These mod make pedal easy to use, but lost magic that only exists...
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    Derailer Overdrive V2

    Hot and smoking~!
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    JHS Crayon

    Maybe the best preamp pedal?
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    Semi-Sweet Distortion Mod

    Sustain Potentiometer - C50K. It's correct curve for Sustain.
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    Four Friedmen

    Thermonic Distortion (BE-OD), Brown Betty (Dirty Shirley) Thermonic Deluxe (BE-OD Deluxe), Aurum Drive (Golden Pearl)
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    Paragon (KoT)

    There are four toggle switches on case (instead of DIP s/w on PCB). Using carbon film resistors and carbon composition resistors like an original KoT. MSPA18 transistor's emitter-base was used for MA856 diode and it sounds really good ! I don't need 18V so charge pump IC isn't on PCB.
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    Hydra Delay Mod

    1. MIX Potentiometer B10k -> A10K 2. If you don't like too much bright wet sound, using carbon film resistors for both R17 & R18. 3. C11 -> 3n9.
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    Hydra Delay Dry/Wet mix

    When Mix knob is noon, wet signal is slightly louder than dry signal, IMO. This difference makes fine adjustment difficult. Any solutions?