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  1. GarrettRSound

    SOLVED Parentheses filter knob does nothing

    I built this quite a while ago and the filter knob has never worked. I’ve taken it apart to muck around with the look of the enclosure and I’m determined to get it working before I box it back up. As far as I can tell, I’ve done everything right. I stuck an audio probe to leg 1 of the pot and...
  2. GarrettRSound

    Walrus Audio Jupiter V2

    I’d love to try building this fuzz but can’t find a board for it online. What does PedalPCB offer that’s close to it?
  3. GarrettRSound

    ElectroVibe unlabelled transistor

    There appears to be an unlabelled transistor on the board under the toggle switch -- is that another 2N5088? I'm trying to get my parts together and don't wanna wait for the board to show up before I order them. Thanks!