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    Missing Build Docs / Schematics

    Finally, Electrovibe PCB is in my hand. I need a schematic and drill template. Plz~
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    Electrovibe Mockup Pedal

    Can I use L78L15, Silonex 7532 and 7371 lamp for this Vibe?
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    ElectroVibe - parts question

    No doc on website. Can I use L78L15, Silonex 7532 and 7371 lamp for this Vibe?
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    Paragon (KoT)

    Transitor is combination two diodes, so cut collector and use E-B like diode. That's it.
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    Photon Vibe

    Maximum on both.
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    Tyrian C6

    Sanguine, Malachite both pedal used 4.7nF but Tyrian used 2.2nF for C6. Has anyone ever replaced C6 with 4.7nF?
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    Bootleg OD

    Yes. I did.
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    Bootleg OD

    Does it look similar? Choose high hfe(280-290) 2n3904 TR. Low hfe(190-211) TR makes poor sound.
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    New production germaniums

    1n34a, 1n60 diode, too.
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    Bi-colour LED for Thermionic Deluxe Channel Select 1. Mid-leg of bicolor LED connect to "A" on PCB. 2. One of side leg connect to "K" on PCB - it's channel A. 3. The other side leg connect to No.8 pin on footswitch (middle of bottom row)- it's channel B. That's how I build.
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    Catalinbread formula 55
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    My favorite setting is diode clipping off. BTW Presence knob works reverse. (Zero position is Max.)
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    Kliche (Centaur)

    This is 2nd Klon pedal I made. I tried so many change & change & change.. finally the first PCB was damaged permanently so I made it again. Finally, it's complete IMO. Sounds cool. I will never change it anything.
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    Kliche (Centaur)

    This is my version of Centaur. I did best I can.
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    First Build - Mach 1 & a '74 Phase 90 clone

    Two years ago, I made a BYOC phase 90, too. And I changed some components. - All 6 of UA741 were changed to LM741 . Original MXR pedal component is LM741. It gives more fast speed. - Check your 5952 matching. BYOC said all jfet's were matched but mine is only 3 TR's were matched.
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    Derailer (ethos twe-1)

    Use tantal capacitor for C24. This is must. Most important thing for making this pedal.
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    Special OD (dumbloid)

    Nichicon FG capacitors were using for both 2.2uF, 22uF. Opamp is LM833N chip. I tried so many opamp chips but this is the only chip which didn't make noise. Strongly recommend.
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    Tyrian & Sanguine

    Seoul, S. Korea ^^
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    Tyrian & Sanguine

    Satisfaction guaranteed.
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    Sabbath Dist.

    They are BC184C and 5 of MPF4393's.