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  1. thewintersoldier

    Modulation Monday- small Clone Chorus

    I love chorus, always have. While most people look to boss for their chorus, I have always found them to be one the "safe" side. I have always preferred EHX for modulation because they tend to give more range on the knobs and offer more to explore sound wise. The Small Clone chorus has always...
  2. thewintersoldier

    Modulation Monday-Luna Tremolo

    If I was to recommend one tremolo pedal to anyone the Tremulous loon would be the one. There's not much it can't do as far a the average person's trem needs are concerned. I use this pedal A LOT! I live me some trem and after years of being unsatisfied by the EA trem circuit I built this and...
  3. thewintersoldier

    Two sticks of derm

    Does anyone know what the differences are circuit wise between the two version that makes one gated and the other not. I just built it and it's amazing and would like to do another that is gated. Are there any other tonal differences between the two besides the gating? Lastly has anyone tried...
  4. thewintersoldier

    walrus lillian and poly chrome

    the modulation we need in a small format with blend knobs and momentary latching footswitches!
  5. thewintersoldier

    walrus Jupiter V2

    gonna start the walrus stuff over again!
  6. thewintersoldier

    Modulation Monday-shallow water

    Modulation Monday will include all manner of modulation effects. Chorus, trem and the occasional previous build might pop up. I'm battling a tooth that the filling popped out so I'll be at the dentist today. I pushed thru the pain this weekend and built this badass chorusish Lofi gem. This is...
  7. thewintersoldier


    Final the final MILF I give you the Echo flanger. Built on the lectricFx dandy horse board this behemoth is a flanger and so much more. It's a modulated multi effect that combines flange, chorus, filter matrix and slap back. This is the infamous box Kurt Cobain used on the In Utero album. So...
  8. thewintersoldier

    Forum Appreciation post

    I like to keep things upbeat and humorous on here as life is full of heartache and misery. Like everyone the past year and a half has been a struggle. From working in the hospital thru a pandemic, losing friends and loved ones to covid, battling thru online school while working and relationship...
  9. thewintersoldier

    Peer pressure

    What's more patriotic than the 4th of July? How about Captain America wielding mjolnir. Pedal builders Assemble! In the great toaster oven disaster of 2021 I told Dan I would use that burned enclosure to make him a custom enclosure for the aion blue shift with his favorite character. So this...
  10. thewintersoldier

    MILF-Electric Mistress

    This is my favorite MILF, the electric mistress. This flanger in my humble opinion (much like drax) is the warmest and most musical flanger. It's ability to straddle the line between chorus/flange and really lush phase like tones makes it very versatile and could sub for multiple effects if one...
  11. thewintersoldier

    Tone Henge

    Behold Tone Henge...or Bend Henge. big build report coming Tuesday with measurements of hfe and leakage for every position in each pedal.
  12. thewintersoldier

    Milf, I'm Marry Poppins Ya'll

    The sound of this flanger made me envision Yondu's arrow zipping thru body after body. I have a soft spot for the boss bf-2 flanger as it was the first flanger I got back in the early 90s. It's something of a hidden jem now as it's still not overly priced. I love the more metallic sounding...
  13. thewintersoldier

    Captain Bit

    Higher, further, faster Baby! Truth be told, I usually come up with enclosure art pretty easily, but this one eluded me. I had lots of ideas but nothing I liked enough to commit. It's been waiting to be boxed up for over a year and half. Then it came to me, 8 bit Captain Marvel. I love the pedal...
  14. thewintersoldier


    Is there a way to get access to the site on tapatalk? Would be amazing to access all the forums I'm on in one app!
  15. thewintersoldier

    Live, laugh, love

    I'm having my wife make something for the music room. I told her I wanted a new wall stencil for the man cave and she got all excited. She asked what I wanted it to say and I sent her this...she was just happy it wasn't vulgar.
  16. thewintersoldier

    Tonebender MKI

    Classic tonebender MK1. This is one of the harder fuzz pedals to get right. Leakage and gain are the name of the game. Went through a good lot of transistors before I got it right. Added a trim it on the Q3 collector with a 20k trimmer to fine tune the bias of Q3. I landed at 7.85v after tuning...
  17. thewintersoldier

    Sarno earth drive

    Nels Cline uses it, but more importantly Jessica Dobson uses it, and her tone is everything to me. I read somewhere it's not based on the tube screamer but it based on I think a preamp of sorts. Everyone here seems to love overdrives and I don't but this one has had my interest for a while. It's...
  18. thewintersoldier

    Read all build Docs

    This is a reminder that we are all excited children when we solder that last component and run to our amp to have instant gratification by rocking our new build to honor the rock gods with glorious noise! Well, I didn't fully review the build docs and put myself thru hell for no reason at all...
  19. thewintersoldier

    Vibranium MILF

    This week's MILF is the Wakan/da Flanger. It's the lectricFx Flintlock, their clone of the a/da Flanger. This one can get some more extreme sounds and is a challenging build. First it's a packed board, ten pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag. Second, there is like 7 trimmers, and calibration is a...
  20. thewintersoldier

    Who we really are

    We all have screen names and some of us have avatars but I thought it would be cool to do some actual introductions to put a name and face with the pedals. It's also kinda neat to know what you do for a living since most of us do this as a hobby. I'll go first. I'm Chris, I'm 38, Married with...