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  1. justin

    Can I safely use 12V power supply with Phase II ?

    Hello, I am considering taking the Phase II circuit out of the enclosure, to put it somewhere inside a digital piano Korg SP170S running on 12V. Schems : Do you think the phaser can take...
  2. justin

    SOLVED Pacifier transistor voltage question

    Hello, I've built a pacifier and I am wondering if my voltages are ok on the three transistors. On my build I read Q1 C = 2.6V B = 0.647V E = 0 Q2 C= 360mV B= 0.5V E= 0 Q3 C = 9.19V B = 4.19V E = 3.6V Q1 & Q2 values seem strange, so I removed...