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    Pedal round up, the good, the bad and the ugly.

    There are so many PCBs here, many I have no experience of, but it got me thinking that I have a few builds that I built out of curiosity rather than true desire, and others have been a burning, ‘can’t wait to try it out’ builds. I’m guessing many of us are building a respectable collection now...
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    Ge Transistor looks odd on component tester

    I've just got 20 1T308B and they all display the diode symbol between the collector and emitter with a forward voltage around 4v on my component tester. I'm new to Ge transistors so it could well be normal for them, but if anyone can shed some light on what it means I would be grateful. My plan...
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    Measuring LDRs an on going headache

    I have two bags of GL5516 LDRs bought from two different suppliers on ebay, using my multimeter and shoving the LDR in a dark drawer I'm getting a reading of about 4M ohms from one lot and 6M ohms from the other. KE-10720 LDRs seem to be beyond the measuring capability of my multimeter. Using...
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    Cepheid Chorus Level Mod?

    I know it's not been released yet, but can this be easily modded to have a level control like the CE2B? I think it's just a variable resister between the effect and the input of the output half of the opamp.
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    Delegate Compressor "Boneyard Edition"

    I know there is some info in another thread, but it would be helpful if this and the other 'Boneyard' editions had a bit of info to help make the decision as to which version to build. First, are there any tonal differences? I can see the the output section is been fed off the opamp not the...
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    Southern Belle midrange?

    The Southern Belle is a variant of the the Mach 1 and as such they are very similar, and if my understanding is correct, compared to the Mach 1 the Southern Belle has a gain boost in the feedback loop of the first half opamp, hard clipping diodes and more gain in the feedback loop of the second...
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    Harmonic Tremolos

    Are there any harmonic tremolos plans in the pipeline? Preferable switchable between normal and harmonic modes and analogue in nature.
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    Blues Breaker style

    I’m looking at the various blues breaker inspired circuits, and I’m confused, the inverting I/P (pin 2) on the IC is sometimes, via a resistor and capacitor, referencing ground and other times Vref. Referenced to ground on: Parthenon Paragon Overdrive And the Vref on Blue Breaker Glory...
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    Bass Pedals

    Hello, I'm beginning to get the itch to play some bass guitar and was wondering if anyone could recommend any pedal builds, I've only discovered the Obsidius Preamp so far. It would be great if there were a bass category on the left hand side.
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    MOSFET Driver & Cattle Driver

    Hello, has anyone built both the MOSFET Driver and the Cattle Driver and compared the two? Also, is the MOSFET Driver PedalPCB's own development of the Tube Driver? Not that I'm going through a Pink Floyd phase at the moment ;)
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    JFETS, matching etc.

    There are a number of projects here that require JFETS, my electronics knowledge is still in the painting by numbers phase with the odd glimmer of dawning realisation, that I'd hesitate to describe as understanding! So please humour me if I ask a few, probably, dumb questions about JFETS First...
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    SMD Fets

    I'm considering a Tweed Man Overdrive, or Covert OD, and I'm planing on using SMD FETs, but was pulled up short when I read in the reviews of the Tweedman OD that MMBF5457's don't work due to the pinouts being different from the 4394, now I was planning on using MMBF4394 anyway as I've just...
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    VAN Pelt Drive R23

    Hello, The build docs say R23 is 90k9 which is not a value I've come across and can't seem to locate either, can I just use a 100k? Thanks
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    Pyrocumulus Fuzz Schematic

    Hello, I'm trying to decide on which fuzz to build next, I'm interested in the pyrocumulus fuzz but would like to see a schematic in case it's similar to one I've already built, but the schematic is missing from the build doc. Any help would be great.
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    Mesmerizer Transistors

    Hello, I was wondering if the transistors in the Mesmeriser need to be matched? And also is the 'New Version' that has a waiting list at the moment different to the build docs that are currently up, I'm planning on getting the parts in stock, and will hold off if there has been some changes to...