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  1. piapium


    I accidently choped of the footswitch thing in the pictures. Please help how to fix. I don't know which pins of the footswitch to connect. Please Help :(((
  2. piapium

    Built another Kliche Output is Insane

    I built another kliche. Can't turn the volume up even to 9 o'clock. It has massive output. Don't know why?
  3. piapium

    Kliche overdrive diodes

    Hi can I use bat46 instead, and what else can I use. Can’t find 1n34a right now.
  4. piapium

    Why paragon is not in stock? Waiting list?

    I appreciate what you do here. Love your work but is it that hard to produce some pcbs? Is this a hype thing?
  5. piapium

    Tommy 3

    Cleanest build yet and it worked at first try without any problem at all. Sounds fantastic!
  6. piapium

    Tommy 3

    Is there any problem if I use 3pdt break board for tommy 3?
  7. piapium

    Kliche Mini

    More than I expected. Thinking of building one more. This was also another great lesson for me. Learned a lot. Having great time with it.
  8. piapium

    Walrus Audio

    Why don’t we have any pcbs from walrus audio? Really would want to build a Juliana. I hope we get some day.
  9. piapium

    Bluelay Delay from

    Couldn’t find finished gut shot but it’s a simple and useful delay pedal. It’s just what I need.
  10. piapium


    An abyss I made. Couldn’t find the finished guts. And still couldn’t figure out that throb knob. But it sounds cool.
  11. piapium

    Blues Breaker

    A blues breaker I made. Can’t find gut shots. But it sounds damn good.
  12. piapium

    Sunflower fuzz

    Still having bias issues. Sundial working reverse. Couldn’t figure out why. Found ac128s that I bought years ago. Will try them soon.
  13. piapium

    SOLVED Paragon Whistle/Scream

    Unfortunately another pedal hasn’t worked at first try again. 1st channel engaged: tone pot is full -> whistle 2nd channel engaged: tone pot is full -> whistle Both channels engaged -> whistle on any position of the pots. Will upload pictures and a video tomorrow. Appreciate any help. Thanks!
  14. piapium

    SOLVED Kliche Mini not working :(

    I have a dim light when turned off. Gain working but tone-volume not working. When turning on there is a loud click noise. Really sad about it. Please help.