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    Danelectro The Breakdown

    I think this was coming - did I miss it??
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    Cheers to Chuck!

    I've been trying to squeeze out a pithy response for the past 10 minutes. Must be outa juice cuz I've been pipped to the best puns by the OP. Orange-cha glad it's so a-peel-ing? Must sound sweet.
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    What plectrum does everyone use?

    I like the newer Dunlop even grippier grey 88s. I've used Dunlop grey 88s for years. I do have a few 1.00s floating around and somehow end up using them until I realise - but it makes little difference. I'm surprised how many here play grey 88s. For me they are the perfect balance between floppy...
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    What Strings, yes, a STRINGS thread!

    I used to use Martin Electrics because they were cheap and I worked in a store which sold them. The Darcos - they used to be great and cheap. Then when I stopped working there I went to D'addario - 10-52 on my Gretsch and 10-46 on a Fender. I started using the 10-52 because I was playing...
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    Bro, Do You Even Strip?

    I still use vero because I like to try things out - a lot easier on Vero. My favourite pedals tend to be modified one way or another. I keep PCB for trying new circuits as stock first. If I want to mod I'll often design a vero for it then. It's mainly ODs and fuzzes. For more complex circuits I...
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    Boogie Monster / Dr Boogie

    I haven't tried this particular pedal but I do find a lot of the JFet ODs based on actual amp circuits lack low end.
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    Inebriated pedal might feel stupid in the morning...

    "Do you expect me to talk?" "No, Mr Bond, I expect you to die!"
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    Inebriated pedal might feel stupid in the morning...

    Drinking while using lasers - what could possibly go wrong??
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    Carbon Black Fuzz Top control

    Cheers - I'll check it out.
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    Carbon Black Fuzz Top control

    I'll admit that I built mine on vero, not the PCB. I have checked my Vero design against the schematic many times and I'm sure it's ok - it's a simple circuit after all. I think I will build my next one on the PCB because I really like this fuzz. BUT: on mine the Top control doesn't do all that...
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    Gauss Drive

    Well yeah I would do that that too - if I knew how to work my breadboard!
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    Gauss Drive

    I ended up modifying a BB following Chuck's advice - after all, the Gauss is a copy of a BB so I thought I'd begin at the beginning. And it worked out great. Chuck is a guru.
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    Special Overdrive - not really loving it?

    Oh I don't sell anything online. I just happen to know people from playing. Where I live there are one or two players who are particularly gear-oriented and they'll sometimes grab some pedals from me to try and then see someone else who will want to buy a pedal they borrowed. They keep in touch...
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    Special Overdrive - not really loving it?

    I love building pedals but really there are very, very few I end up using consistently. I end up with a small group of favourites that get all the play. And those favourites are generally quite modified by the time they become a fixture on my board. That's just how it is. As JamieJ says you can...
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    Might be a tall order but an Empress Heavy would be amazing.

    I'd be worried about the postage on a pedal like that.
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    JHS Crayon

    Anything which would get me closer to that glorious "Revolution" fuzz would be a very good thing. Cuz if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao you ain't gonna make with anyone anyhow.
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    Top 5 favourite recorded fuzz sounds

    Yeah I have been wondering about that. Maybe the Crayon would be a good PedalPCB project? 🤖
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    Top 5 favourite recorded fuzz sounds

    I dunno about a top five, but I have been curious about how to get that fabulous fuzz sound used sparingly in Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - the first track on the album of the same name. I also love the sound of Lennon's guitar on Revolution - and yes I know it was an overloaded...
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    Way Huge Red Llama

    Then you could make a Mythos Pedals Chupacabra - they're basically identical.
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    let's see your pedalboard!

    I finally talked myself into a Source Audio Collider. I have been interested in it ever since it was announced and at last I had some money and found one I could afford. It's kinda not as expensive as it sounds because it is two excellent pedals in one - or at least that's how I am placating...