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  1. thewintersoldier

    (mostly) Civil War Big Muff

    have you checked he kit rae site. he breaks down he schematics and components like no one else with muffs. The russian is known for less gain and more bottom end.
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    best method for noob to put graphics on pedal

    you need a color laser printer.
  3. thewintersoldier

    check allparts?

    check allparts?
  4. thewintersoldier

    Start getting it together a little at a time. Thats what I'm doing!

    Start getting it together a little at a time. Thats what I'm doing!
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    Is there a good sub for BA282 diode or can I use 2 diodes in series to get similar Vf=0.81V ( King Tone PCBs )

    I know that lots of people want what's in the original circuit, and lots of people want to hear a difference with diodes, but in the KOT circuit I have heard no discernable difference when plugging in different silicon diodes. IMHO you could stick 1n4148 and 1n 4001 in there and be good to go. I...
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    I will as I get parts in

    I will as I get parts in
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    Modulation Monday- small Clone Chorus

    It is, he describes what it all entails in his show. And it is great with pancakes. As much as I like the boss stuff, it's rather pedestrian in comparison to EHX stuff, which I think lends more to the creative process, it's just not generic and safe sounding.
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    Taking a break to play guitar more and put together a tele

    Taking a break to play guitar more and put together a tele
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    Modulation Monday- small Clone Chorus

    wait till you see my clone theory build!
  10. thewintersoldier

    Modulation Monday- small Clone Chorus

    thanks, It wasnt always that way with clean graphics. Then again, some are better than others even now lol. Full disclosure, I'm a total ehx fanboy and they can do no wrong in my book. The small clone just does something that other chorus pedals don't, and it's in the delayed line of the signal...
  11. thewintersoldier

    Modulation Monday- small Clone Chorus

    I love chorus, always have. While most people look to boss for their chorus, I have always found them to be one the "safe" side. I have always preferred EHX for modulation because they tend to give more range on the knobs and offer more to explore sound wise. The Small Clone chorus has always...
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    Cheers to Chuck!

    The juice is loose! Live everything about this!
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    Pedals built out of love (spouse, partner, significant other, kids, family etc.)

    I wish my wife played. Then again, she would probably just wanna start a Taylor Swift tribute band 😂
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    [Contest] Germania

    Hfe-70 leakage-.065ma
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    Modulation Monday-Luna Tremolo

    I'm about to build a Madbean wavelord and that can use the tapinator
  16. thewintersoldier

    Modulation Monday-Luna Tremolo

    Thanks for the kind words. Pedalpcb has a board for this circuit as well. Can't go wrong with the stripped down 4 knob version either.
  17. thewintersoldier

    Now Playing... What are you Listening to Right Now?

    I remember when this record came out and being the only one I knew who listened to it. Still love it and all his stuff. Got to see him live a couple times in small clubs. Good times.
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    Chorus! Chorus! aka My Caesar Build

    As a Detroiter deep in the Illitch trenches this is all kinds of awesome
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    Modulation Monday-Luna Tremolo

    If I was to recommend one tremolo pedal to anyone the Tremulous loon would be the one. There's not much it can't do as far a the average person's trem needs are concerned. I use this pedal A LOT! I live me some trem and after years of being unsatisfied by the EA trem circuit I built this and...
  20. thewintersoldier

    Aion Fx Ares (Clinch EP Pre Clone) JFET Testing

    I used a geofx jfet tester I built on Vero when I built that same board. It may be your tester