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  1. jjjimi84

    [CONTEST] Sandspur Fuzz Video

    Hello all! As some of you may know, I am filming and editing a video series on building your first guitar pedal and using the sandspur fuzz as the candidate. In this video series I show how I go about building a pedal from bare enclosure and blank pcb to working pedal. I have detailed the build...
  2. jjjimi84

    VFE The Scream

    I thought I would also through this video over here also as this is such a cool Tube screamer pedal and I had a ton of fun making this video and writing this tune. Let me know what you all think about it.
  3. jjjimi84

    Anyone else…

    All boned up for this univibe release? Going to be wearing khakis until the board arrives.
  4. jjjimi84

    Happy Fathers Day

    To all of you builders and fathers, happy fathers day from me to you. I hope you all have a great day ahead of you filled with your favorite things. I was promised ice cream, today is a good day. What is your fathers day wishlist items?
  5. jjjimi84

    Sagan Delay from Carcharias Effects

    Here is my most recent painting and I thought I would show a little bit into the process. I drilled the enclosure then airbrushed a coat of white primer then silver then bronze on the outer rim. After that I sprayed on a coat of clear green and then a coat of clear. Then I played the pedal for...
  6. jjjimi84

    Pure Salem guitars?

    Anybody have one of these? They have this new V shaped guitar that is just incredible looking, was wondering if anybody has played them before.
  7. jjjimi84

    VFE Merman (PPCB Seamonk) Klon Klone

    I have to work all day tomorrow and won't be able to post on Friday like I normally would so I want to get this out into the ether! This is my Merman and one that will never leave my hands. I love the way this one turned out from the build to the painting to the demo and video it really is...
  8. jjjimi84 Video Discussion

    As I wind down the videos for VFEFRIDAY, I am going to transition into making more videos of all of my builds. I have quite a bit to get through and was looking to get feedback from all of you of what you would like to see. I know showcasing the sounds of the pedals will stay in my...
  9. jjjimi84

    #VFEFRIDAY Choral Reef Chorus

    Hello All, I thought I would post this bad boy here in case anyone is interested, it is my latest VFE Friday build, the choral reef. Such a cool chorus with so many crazy sounds in it. I highly recommend this build for anyone who wants a challenge.
  10. jjjimi84

    A drunk duck, a bathing monster and an evil panda all walk into a thread.

    Over on the MBP forum I have been doing #VFEFRIDAY to showcase all of the VFE builds that I have done and I want to post todays video here in an effort to see more envelope filters and auto wahs make an appearance. This is a Mutron 3 clone that has been all VFE'd (?) up and sounds really cool. I...
  11. jjjimi84

    VFE Yodeler, General Tso Compressor

    This bad MF was used in my Tweed videos and finally got painted and put in a video. This video was quite a lesson learned, I forgot to turn on the vocal mic for the first attempt, half a day wasted. Then for the second attempt I did not realize the mics were moved and the end result was a very...
  12. jjjimi84

    VFE Old School

    I am sharing this here because I love this pedal! I think it turned out great and the video I made is one of my favorites I have done. Electric tomato paint really ties the pedal together.
  13. jjjimi84

    Blue Shoe Gai Pan

    What a cool pedal and fun build this thing was. I airbrushed it sparkle blue and this was one of the last ones I sprayed the entire enclosure instead of doing just the top. I then painted it with acrylic paint and wrote that fun symbol on it. This was one pedal I was never planning on selling...
  14. jjjimi84

    Trinity Amps Tweed Deluxe Build

    Here is my fifth amp build and my first ever attempt at really documenting something like this. It took me about 3 times as long to edit the videos then to actually build the amp. I have been looking at Trinity Amps for a VERY long time and last year I built the 18 Watt sIII and really feel in...
  15. jjjimi84

    Guyatone WR-2 have schematic

    I think this would be cool, I have the micro delay also and think that could be fun. It has a switch to go slapback to longer delay times, sounds good for a pt2399. here is the wah rocker
  16. jjjimi84

    Mach One Pedal Demo and Build Report

    Here is a Mach One overdrive I built and painted, I sold this bad boy and somehow lost the pictures I took of the inside..... But I have proof it works, in the form of this video. I sold this and right before shipping I threw together this song and video to make the demo and I think it turned...
  17. jjjimi84

    AMZ Tweed Stack aka The Ormanizer 3000

    A member here reached out to me to build this for him and I filmed a little video. I couldn't find anything online demoing it and thought it might be helpful to anyone looking to build it. It is a fairly straight forward build but the docs are not as great as I am used to (Madbean, PedalPCB and...
  18. jjjimi84

    Lemonade Overdrive

    Here is my latest demo for the Lemonade OD, a funny little boost that I use to pummel the front end of my Allen Accomplice.
  19. jjjimi84

    Box and All EQ

    Haha! I like what you did there.
  20. jjjimi84

    The Robot Monarch

    Here is my Monarch, here are the pictures and here is the demo. I feel like I am kinda getting better at these videos, a long way to go but its getting there. This build was one of interest because I read somewhere that Brian Wampler is consider the king of gain or something. I really liked...