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    MXR Flanger 4 KNOB

    MXR Flanger 4 KNOB
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    The Creamery Compressor Mockup Pedal

    THAT2159 :
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    Episode Booster Mockup Pedal

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    DUOCAST Mini Mockup Pedal

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    FreakZEQ Mockup Pedal

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    XC Phase Mockup Pedal

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    The Texan Range Treble Boost Pedal

    It works fine but I prefer the Red Rooster circuit. BC547 with 250 hFE. It has to be tamed by using the Volume control on your Guitar or it's too Hot: If you switch it off in the pedal chain, You have to remember to turn your Guitar volume back up which is not practical for me!
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    Tayda - Alpha 16mm Potentiometers

    Please Note: Alpha no longer supplies Tayda with 16mm Potentiometers with Dust covers included on some values, ie A10K . You have to order them separately!
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    Important: Supplying Pictures when an Issue arises with a PCB Build !!!

    I have to raise this ongoing issue when Members ask for Help with an Issue with their Build. I keep repeating this saying '' Pictures are worth a Thousand Words'' !!! Please supply Pictures of PCB & ALL connections ( Footswitch, Input & Output Jacks, Power Jack ) to it along with a clear...