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  1. duffy_lane

    Speaker for cab sim?

    @SillyOctpuss York 2x12 dv77 and mesa 4x14 OS-V2 Love that mixed folder
  2. duffy_lane

    Speaker for cab sim?

    @SillyOctpuss YO these York IRs are sick! Thanks for mentioning them
  3. duffy_lane

    Speaker for cab sim?

    @Stickman393 @SillyOctpuss Thanks y'all, I couldn't have hoped for better responses! I just had the opportunity to try a few cab setups and I don't think I'll be able to push enough air through any cab in my condo bc my studio monitors feel too loud at times (JBL LSR 308) I'll be sticking with...
  4. duffy_lane

    6-Band EQ (Potentiometer Version) center detent pots

    Guess I'll start with a sanity check: The center is 0hz (no change in eq) for the potentiometer version correct? Has anyone done this build with center detent pots? If so which ones did y'all use? Having trouble finding B50K pcb mount versions. Alpha seems to have the option but I'm having...
  5. duffy_lane

    Dark Theme?

    I use this on all my computers
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    Speaker for cab sim?

    Any of y'all rockin cab sims like Two Notes Torpedo? Looking for a setup to play guitar away from my computer. Starting to get over wanting a tube amp setup. Coming from using pedals + NeuralDSP plugins so I'm definitely a fan of digital fx. Any speaker or cab recommendations? Can't find much...
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    Has anyone messed with SHARC chips?? The specs are pretty impressive and I'm eyeing their dev board. Any other DSP chips or platforms y'all have seen? Really want an fv-1 dev...
  8. duffy_lane

    Fuzz Foundry Deluxe Build

    where did you find the AC128's?
  9. duffy_lane

    Tube Amp builds/kits?

    Anyone ever done a tube amp build? I stumbled upon and have been thinking about building it for a while now. Does anyone have any other sources? Doesn't have to be a kit but I would prefer a pcb foundation like...
  10. duffy_lane

    Rack Mount PCBs?

    I have not, but would like to eventually get a 500 series rack goin. Another resource:
  11. duffy_lane

    Sourcing a CH341A

    yeah an eta on the CH341A would be amazing, I've been dreaming about the fv1 dev platform.
  12. duffy_lane

    First Time Building (Informant Overdrive) - Which Specific Cap, IC Types? (Tayda)

    AD712 IC at Mouser 1N34A diode at pedalhacker ^ is another wonderful source Have fun!
  13. duffy_lane

    Quick Tayda UV Printing Tip

    any tips on spacing of control labels? (knob labels for: level, drive, bass, treble, etc) Also, do you just overlay the drill template from PedalPCB build docs onto Taydas illustrator enclosure templates to get a feel for layout while designing the graphic?
  14. duffy_lane

    Boogie Monster Debug

    Not sure why I thought that video said to only have an input jack plugged in LOL Thank you so much for your patience @temol finally got it working!! A little quiet but I know how to adjust that now! One thing I noticed while adjusting the trimpots: the jump in voltage was high between 3-7V...
  15. duffy_lane

    Boogie Monster Debug

    hmm, that entire range including 20V reports 0.00 or -0.00 Even tried it on brand new J201s from Mouser. Sanity check: The pedal is not supposed to be plugged into power correct? I just have an instrument cable plugged into the input jack as mentioned in the video @Nostradoomus linked above.
  16. duffy_lane

    Boogie Monster Debug

    So I've been trying to bias the MPF102's using this multimeter set to the 200K option at the bottom left. (this is the only setting that's giving me a reading) Touching the ground meter lead to the GND wire at the bottom of the auditorium board And the positive meter lead to the Drain of the...
  17. duffy_lane

    Boogie Monster Debug

    SICK!!! @Nostradoomus I have not biased them. Got em from pedal hacker electronics. I'm new to this and my multimeter is a pos (looks like this should be my next investment) Which mode did you use on the meter to test the transistors? @temol This diagram is helpful (I think I understand your...
  18. duffy_lane

    Boogie Monster Debug

    Hey y'all. Having trouble with my Boogie Monster build. Not getting any sound thru the Auditorium test platform but the LED lights up. (I don't think the auditorium is the issue.) Here was the test setup (is the wiring correct?)...
  19. duffy_lane

    Auditorium Test Platform Example Hmmmm, heres my setup. Not proud of the soldering (trying out some kester 44 63/37 .6mm) but like, I think the joints should be ok... could the excess flux splatter be messing things up?
  20. duffy_lane

    Auditorium Test Platform Example

    Could someone please post an example of using the Auditorium with a pcb wired to it? Not sure if I'm using it correctly. Not getting any sound when its active but the LED of the board I'm trying to test does light up... I do get signal thru the auditorium board in bypass and when its active...