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    Question for EU/UK members

    Has anyone here from EU or UK received a PedalPCB order that was placed on (or after) July 1st? I'm curious to know how the VAT fees are being handled by the destination country.
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    New Wishlist

    This is the new project wishlist. This format will allow members to upvote requests to help determine demand and prioritize new releases. Members are encouraged to participate by clicking the Upvote button (to the right 👉) to show your interest in a particular project. For this same...
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    NOTICE - New wish list is coming

    I wanted to give everyone a heads up so no one is alarmed. In the next few days this wish list subforum will be archived and a new subforum will be created that allows members to upvote topics. This will help to determine which requests are in higher demand and prioritize accordingly. The...
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    PedalPCB VIIB Parts List

    I'll get the complete build doc posted ASAP, still working through the backlog of orders from the weekend. In the meantime, here's the parts list for the VIIB:
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    Recommendations for a first time build project

    We have a lot of first time builders here, and from time to time they tackle projects that are a bit too steep for a first time builder... With that in mind, I'm considering putting together a kit that includes everything needed for an absolute first time build (aside from tools). I'm...
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    We got some stickers yall!

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    Boss TB-2W Photos

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    Friedman Guitar and Amp Owners Group reports fire at Boutique Amps Distribution

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    Tayda Drill Template tool

    Is anyone able to select an enclosure other than the 125B using the Tayda Drill Template tool? I've used this previously to mock up 1590BB designs, but for some reason now I can't change the enclosure type...
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    Low Tide

    My builds don't generally make it to the "boxing up" stage so I don't post very many build reports, but the drill template and faceplate for this one had to be verified... So... PedalPCB Low Tide Abstract Modulator - #2
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    It's fiiiine, don't worry, it'll fit.

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    Low Tide Modulator - Tayda Drill Coordinates

    Low Tide Modulator Drill Coordinates for Tayda Custom Drill Service Enclosure size: 1590BB Note: The diameters listed are for a raw aluminum enclosure. Add 0.2mm to all diameters for powdercoated enclosure. SIDE A ------------ X = -8.3 Y = -21.3 D = 6.4 (5mm LED lens, adjust accordingly) X...
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    When goop isn't enough...

    Sometimes you have a circuit so unique, so revolutionary, so AMAZ1NG that plain old goop just won't cut it.... So what to do? How about seal the circuit inside a metal casing filled with epoxy? That'll stop 'em. For the TikTok'ers here, cue the track. "Oh no, oh no!" 🎶
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    POLL - Do you use 3PDT breakout boards?

    I'm curious to know how many are actually using 3PDT breakout boards with their builds? This includes standard 3PDT and relay switching boards, regardless of the supplier / manufacturer. If you don't currently use them, would you if it was included with the PCB?
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    Bench DC power supply recommendation

    I'm looking for a bench DC power supply with a digital current meter that actually displays the output current (down to 1mA accuracy), any suggestions? I bought a (relatively) inexpensive model this week, but the thing doesn't display the output current unless you're in Constant Current...
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    I've got a Golden Ticket!

    UPDATE: All gone, we'll do it again soon. :) I've got a Golden Ticket! One free PCB for the first five people to use coupon code: GOLDENTICKET Shipping not included One per customer, please
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    Gibson acquires Mesa/Boogie amps
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    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year everyone! 🎉🥳🎉 (Well, the ones on the east coast for now, anyway)
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    The end is near....

    Well, the end of 2020 is finally here..... man, that was fun wasn't it? 😐 I want to thank everyone for supporting PedalPCB through this extremely tough time. There have been lots of bumps and surprises along the way and everyone has patient and understanding throughout. If I've...