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  1. finebyfine

    SPST Footswitch Guidance

    I’m finally starting to get the appeal of relay switching, however long I am into this hobby. But I don’t really have a good grasp on what SPST footswitches are available out there in the same way that I have a preference for 3PDT switches that I could opine on for far too long if someone was...
  2. finebyfine

    More Tayda Predrilled Enclosures

    Posting this one to the new wishlist format :) I know I'm not the only one who feels like saving that $2 from using a predrilled instead of an enclosure + custom drill service feels more like saving $20.
  3. finebyfine

    Does this exist? Female 1/4" to Male 1/4"?

    I thought I've seen these before but after searching for a while I'm starting to convince myself I might have imagined them. Sort of a silly thing, I'll admit, but I'm looking for them for a non pedal related electronics project. Anyone know if I'm imagining an adapter that's female on one side...
  4. finebyfine

    TX Pedals Animalizzer
  5. finebyfine

    Headphone Amp

    I’ve built a pair of these on veroboard but would much rather have a pedalpcb version. Might be nice to either be 1590A or something larger but with a dedicated battery space.
  6. finebyfine

    OBNE Expression Ramper

    Neat little twinkie enclosure LFO expression controller from Old Blood Noise Endeavors
  7. finebyfine

    Tuner (& Metronome?) Project

    I know you can get a solid pedal tuner for $15 but I’ve always thought it would be a fun project to do (especially given I’ve done an arduino metronome before). Not too picky about specifics / if it’s based off anything personally.
  8. finebyfine

    Boss MT-2 Metal Zone

    While I imagine this one is getting pretty close to being released, I just wanted to repost it to the new wishlist format in case votes would impact it's priority in future releases.
  9. finebyfine

    Viceroy (BONEYARD!)

    Had a ton of fun with this one. My favorite enclosure design in a while. I almost always say "If it turns on, I'll tidy up the wiring after" but I've never lied to myself with that as much as this one. Gutshot might be too gory for some. Sounds absolutely amazing. Been a long time since I've...
  10. finebyfine

    Ocelot Octave (with demo)

    A redemption build of sorts for me. However many pedals and moons ago, one the first pedalpcb boards I tried to build was the Ocelot Octave. I thought I was decent at soldering, but the number of pads I scorched off was quick proof otherwise. I built simpler stuff and got my skills to passable...
  11. finebyfine

    Antithesis Fuzz (Germanium Version)

    Man this thing RULES. I'm really pleasantly surprised by the range of tones - and usually when I say that about a pedal it's like "oh, it's cool that it can do sounds I can't imagine ever using, don't care about, and don't understand why anyone would want" - but with the Antithesis I don't think...
  12. finebyfine

    Delegate Compressor Boneyard Edition

    Really nice compressor. Didn't have as many problems with the LDR as I thought I would. Hat tip to @Chuck D. Bones on the graphics. Tayda printed enclosure with two passes of white.
  13. finebyfine

    Electric Pen Screwdriver Recommendations?

    My electric screwdriver crapped out on me last week and I was wondering if anyone has one that they like. The one I had before isn't this one from Harbor Freight but it's essentially the same thing. There's a lot of these popping up here and there and I don't really trust many reviews I've seen...
  14. finebyfine

    Tommy 3!

    Finished this one up a couple of weeks ago, and have been liking it a lot more than I thought I would for my playing style. Thought my amp's dirty channels would be what I'd use if I wanted some of these tones but it has so much more range than that. Built it because I figured it'd be easy to...
  15. finebyfine

    Cross Contaminator

    Originally finished this a month ago but after trying to figure out why the bias pot effectively did nothing, realized I had installed all of the potentiometers in the wrong places 🤦‍♂️. I hate desoldering pots, so here we are a month later. Of the EQD fuzzes I've built this one is the least...
  16. finebyfine

    Pulse Wave Fuzz (with demo)

    Not the tidiest insides, or the most inspired graphics on the outside but man I really like this thing. I didn't have any 2n5458s on hand so I played around with a few different jfets and landed on using j201s. j202s and mpf102s are also really nice in here, but there's more control over the...
  17. finebyfine

    Seabed Deay

    First commissioned build :) Fun build, really does sound as close to tape as it sounds in demos.
  18. finebyfine

    veroboard for standard drill templates

    Might be an odd / unpopular request, but I’ve started getting vero/strip boards made as printed pcbs from different services, half as an excuse to play around in diptrace and half because other than Tayda, it’s been cheaper and better quality to just get them made especially as someone who uses...
  19. finebyfine

    Hyped Fuzz w/ Demo

    Suuuper rewarding build, especially considering how much harder I made it on myself by stubbornly using 1/4w resistors. Wouldn't have been so annoying if a lot of these resistors didn't have lead sizes that are actually good for breadboards. Sounds spot on to the similar pedal, (even if that...
  20. finebyfine

    Build Docs Component Counter / Shopping List Generator

    This is my bill of materials component counter / shopping list generator. After a few threads on the topic, I decided to polish up the script I use myself to share it. I originally made it to print off 3x5 part list notecards so I wouldn't have full page...