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    Danelectro The Breakdown

    I think this was coming - did I miss it??
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    Carbon Black Fuzz Top control

    I'll admit that I built mine on vero, not the PCB. I have checked my Vero design against the schematic many times and I'm sure it's ok - it's a simple circuit after all. I think I will build my next one on the PCB because I really like this fuzz. BUT: on mine the Top control doesn't do all that...
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    JHS Crayon

    Anything which would get me closer to that glorious "Revolution" fuzz would be a very good thing. Cuz if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao you ain't gonna make with anyone anyhow.
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    Another weird amp issue

    A fella brought around an amp I had built a few years ago today - he'd bought it from a guy who'd bought it off a guy who'd bought it from me. It was making weird crackle and thump sounds. When he'd described it to me I assumed it was power tubes, but when it arrived I thought this doesn't sound...
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    Boss tone suck

    I have quite a few delay pedals - I've always loved delay even though lately I use it less and less. Now it's generally just a slapback delay. I normally have a TC Flashback Mini on my board because (a) it's tiny, and (b) it sounds ridiculously good and has the least tone suck of any delay I...
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    Sometimes the simple mods surprise you

    I built myself a Fender 5F11 clone not too long ago - It's a simple circuit not too different from a 5E3 Deluxe. The main differences are that the Vibrolux has tremolo (duh!), fixed bias, NFB and the original used a 10" speaker. The Vibrolux as original is a fair bit quieter than the Deluxe and...
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    I rebuilt a Fender Princeton for a friend

    A friend of mine bought a ltd Fender Princeton to use in his surf band - it's in blonde tolex and looks very nice indeed. After playing my rebuilt Deluxe Reverb RI he wanted to get the Princeton Reverb rebuilt with Sozos, tagboard etc - but with a twist - this one now has upgraded transformers...
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    Any ideas on what the Mythos Herculean is a copy of?

    I don't know why but I'm kinda curious about what the Mythos Herculean is. It might be interesting to know what is inside - and has anyone actually tried one?
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    Heads up for Vero builders

    Just had an interesting problem with an overdrive build on vero board and it took me a while to solve... Sometimes you see tiny cracks or lines going across the copper trace. Usually these haven't been an issue for me but in this build it meant a complete break in continuity - so my overdrive...
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    Too much time and a Deluxe reverb RI

    A month or two back I bought myself a Fender Deluxe Reverb RI because I have never really liked them. I wanted to see if a few simple mods could make one more usable to me - easy to sell again if I still don't like it. And I have heard a few guys getting excellent sounds from them recently. So...
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    Magnatone Varsity Reverb problem

    Yeah I know, this is a pedal forum... But I don't like many of those amp forums. A friend brought around his Magnatone Varsity Reverb amp yesterday because it went bang. I have a look inside and yes, it did indeed go bang! It blew the cathode resistor and bypass cap of the pair of EL84 output...
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    Slightly off topic - caps for an amp

    Specifically .25µF coupling caps for the bass channel on a Fender 6G6-B style amp. I built a 6G6-B a few years ago but made the Bass channel into something else. I'm thinking of making the amp as original spec as possible now so need some .25µF (I'm sure .22 would be fine if that's easier) in...
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    If I sent a pedal to PedalPCB could you trace it?

    I have long been curious about BJF designs. There are very few of them that I like without some kind of modification but they can be very clever and the beginnings of something which suits me well. One of my favourite BJF designs is the One Control Strawberry Red overdrive. I would love to be...
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    J Rockett Hot Rubber Monkey

    I think this is similar to the Dude. Never heard one but it sure sounds interesting.
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    Dual overdrives

    All this talk of two effects in one box made me think I should build another "two-favourite-overdives-in-one-box" pedals again. My favourites have changed recently. And I wanted to try a Gørva enclosure and a few other things... So here is my new dual overdrive which is currently nameless - I...
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    Simpler delay

    I've made a couple of excellent delays from pedalPCB boards. But they always have stuff I don't really need. I've thought about this a fair bit and am a serial delay abuser! But things I don't need are multi taps, tape warble, backwards echoes, tap tempo... My ideal delay would have maybe 3...
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    Can we cross a Red Rooster with a Fuzz Face?

    I love the tone of the Red Rooster - that lovely honk of the Rangemaster but with the bass control. But it doesn't have much dirt on its own. I wonder if we could make a simple fuzz with the sound of the Red Rooster? Can we make something like a Si fuzz Face with the tone of a Red Rooster? That...
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    Bought a Deluxe Reverb RI!

    For years now I have been very happy with my home-brew amplifiers, especially my beefed-up 5F4 tweed Super 1x12 combo. But recently I have felt the need to (a) try something else and (b) find an amp I like with my Strat! I remembered that the amp I liked best for the Strat was the Super Reverb...
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    Lo-fi Junky

    Tried one of these today - crazy pedal! So cool. Too complex for a Pedal PCB? I have no idea what's inside.
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    BJF Lil Green Wonder - or is it??

    With a lot of help from the patient Chuck I have finally got this pedal where I want it. It started out as just as exercise in "I wonder what this will sound like", morphed into "hey this sounds aright!" and ended up being almost the perfect overdrive for a Gretsch. :) I got into amp building...