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  1. chongmagic

    Need help with Parenthesis Fuzz pedals

    Are you getting any sound at all? Bypassed or not?
  2. chongmagic

    Can anyone help me get the Octave to work on 2 War Sythe pedals please.

    You need some more solder here. Also this effect will be more pronounced on the 12th fret and up.
  3. chongmagic

    Happy Birthday PedalPCB and Congratulations!

    Happy Birthday Bugg!
  4. chongmagic

    Origins: A Familiar Fuss

    So when I was 17 or 18. I went into a music store in Concord, NC. John Fogerty happened to be there as it sold old vintage guitars. At the the time I recall him buying old Silvertones. I was not a huge CCR fan at the time. I was bigger into Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Rush. Someone told me...
  5. chongmagic

    Favorite summer squash recipe?

    I like to grill mine in foil, I add just a little olive oil, salt, and pepper. I grill it for about 15 minutes turning it halfway it comes out good. I also grill patty pans, but straight on the grates. Still using a little oil on each side and some salt and pepper.
  6. chongmagic

    [Contest] XC Phase

    Way kind of you sir!
  7. chongmagic

    Build Docs Low Tide Modulator

    I think I received a new revision of the board, the layout is different from the build docs. Is there an update coming?
  8. chongmagic

    Unpopular opinion-bands you should like but don't

    I love Jeff Beck. His work on Amused to Death is awesome also Where Were You is so amazingly haunting one of my faves of all time. Of course Watermelon in Easter Hay always gets me teary eyed. Especially the version that Dweezil plays.
  9. chongmagic

    Unpopular opinion-bands you should like but don't

    I was a teenager in the 90s, but back then mostly listened to 60s and 70s music. I used to love the Chili Peppers, but to me their new stuff is cringe worthy and every song sounds the same. Their old stuff was much better. I never could get into the Stones, a few songs I like but never could...
  10. chongmagic

    What was your first PedalPCB build?

    Mine was the Abyss or Seahorse.
  11. chongmagic

    Univibe suggestions

    The Photon Vibe is awesome, as is the Duo-Phase.
  12. chongmagic

    It's fiiiine, don't worry, it'll fit.

    It's a feature not a defect.
  13. chongmagic

    It's fiiiine, don't worry, it'll fit.

    How did that pass QC? That is terrible!
  14. chongmagic

    Box 66

    Looks great!
  15. chongmagic

    First Build, No sound

    Another thing you may want to starting doing in the future is socketing your transistors. They are very sensitive to heat and if you are new to soldering then you can easily damage them. That box cap might be toast, but I have seen quite a few take a beating like that and still work. Like...
  16. chongmagic

    Show us your...

    I am curious what is the B3? Sorry my mind isn't as sharp as usual this Monday!
  17. chongmagic

    Show us your...

    I never figured he would want to take the time to jam with a 17 year old, but he was very down to earth.
  18. chongmagic

    Who would you like

    Maybe Keith RIchards, but I don't think he uses pedals.
  19. chongmagic

    Show us your...

    This is mine, a 91 Strat Plus with Lace Pickups. I got it when I was around 17. I actually met John Fogerty in the music store that day, he was buying old guitars. I bought it that day and he signed the tremolo cover, and I got to sit down and play with him for a little while. He was super cool...
  20. chongmagic


    I see a lot of possible cold solder joints, I would definitely reflow the entire board and clean up all the flux residue with IPA. You should be able to just touch some of the joints with your iron and you can get rid of those solder blobs.