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  1. finebyfine

    SPST Footswitch Guidance

    I’m finally starting to get the appeal of relay switching, however long I am into this hobby. But I don’t really have a good grasp on what SPST footswitches are available out there in the same way that I have a preference for 3PDT switches that I could opine on for far too long if someone was...
  2. finebyfine

    Caesar Chorus - Steady Rate LED?

    I have some red würth electronics electrolytics from digikey
  3. finebyfine

    More Tayda Predrilled Enclosures

    Posting this one to the new wishlist format :) I know I'm not the only one who feels like saving that $2 from using a predrilled instead of an enclosure + custom drill service feels more like saving $20.
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    Pick whatever looks best that's in spec :)
  5. finebyfine

    Show us your...

    That's gotta feel amazing to have accomplished it like that, it looks gorgeous and I love your electronics setup!
  6. finebyfine

    Does this exist? Female 1/4" to Male 1/4"?

    you are a life saver, I was going insane !!!
  7. finebyfine

    Does this exist? Female 1/4" to Male 1/4"?

    I thought I've seen these before but after searching for a while I'm starting to convince myself I might have imagined them. Sort of a silly thing, I'll admit, but I'm looking for them for a non pedal related electronics project. Anyone know if I'm imagining an adapter that's female on one side...
  8. finebyfine

    'Best' Source for Pre-Cut Hook-Up Wire?

    If you’re looking for precut prefused/prebonded you won’t find it elsewhere really. Prefused is kind of rare to find on the retail level in general. Precut solid wire isn’t hard to find - it’s usually just called like breadboard wire or jumper wire
  9. finebyfine

    A fail safe way to deal with LEDs

    I don't have many good photos showing the actual LED but this build shows how I use screw terminals: I laid out my thoughts on using screw terminals, and alternatives I've considered in this reply to a different thread
  10. finebyfine

    Hookup Wire #22 or #24. What is the right size for PedalPCB products.

    What’s the appeal of using buss wire / completely stripped solid wire there instead of regular solid or stranded?
  11. finebyfine

    A fail safe way to deal with LEDs

    I never even try to mount directly to the pcb. I use screw terminals for most off board components and just use wired LEDs with LED bezels
  12. finebyfine

    Greatest Hits Thread

    I’ll try to pick a best looking pedal but for now, best sounding. I built this in an unlabeled 3 knob tayda enclosure that I was using to test 3 knob builds before designing an enclosure for them. It’s a foxy lady big muff. Was not expecting to like it so much, but I haven’t been able to...
  13. finebyfine

    VFE Pedals -- An opportunity to become a "licensed builder"

    Seems like a weird roundabout way to not just hire employees if I'm being totally honest 🙃
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    What Strings, yes, a STRINGS thread!

    I use D'addario Jazz Flat Chromes in extra light (10-48) to reduce some of the brightness on my ESP guitar with EMGs. I absolutely love how that combination sounds. How well flats age is always a plus especially for someone who only plays at home. Might try them on my Telecaster sometime soon...
  15. finebyfine

    TX Pedals Animalizzer
  16. finebyfine

    Headphone Amp

    I’ve built a pair of these on veroboard but would much rather have a pedalpcb version. Might be nice to either be 1590A or something larger but with a dedicated battery space.
  17. finebyfine

    OBNE Expression Ramper

    Neat little twinkie enclosure LFO expression controller from Old Blood Noise Endeavors
  18. finebyfine

    Tuner (& Metronome?) Project

    I know you can get a solid pedal tuner for $15 but I’ve always thought it would be a fun project to do (especially given I’ve done an arduino metronome before). Not too picky about specifics / if it’s based off anything personally.
  19. finebyfine

    If you could only have one...

    How did I not know about prebonded wire before this thread .. it sounds amazing. I ordered some from LMS but does anyone know if anyone makes it with silicone insulation or higher temp resistance than pvc?
  20. finebyfine

    What plectrum does everyone use?

    Also for anyone looking for online stores, finding stringsandbeyond was a blessing. Tried to find someone with three different ultem ones I wanted to try and wanted to pull my hair out trying to find them at one place