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  1. SYLV9ST9R


    Here's the Wurmloch from Dead End FX From the build docs: "The Wurmloch represent the DEFX take on the DBA The Flaming Lips Space Ring. We've added a clean circuit, as well as a blend option. Together, they allow for a much greater tonal palette. We also added the "Wormhole" option, which...
  2. SYLV9ST9R

    Double status LED

    Quite a simple question, but with some searching, not sure about the the answer. I want to put 2 status LED on a build, and I'm not sure how to wire them. Series? Parallel? Should I change the CLR value? Any hindsight would be much appreciated.
  3. SYLV9ST9R

    Death Cap

    This one sounds quite good, and has nice tonal options but I don't think I need the additional controls from the Algal Bloom, which I really like (also, as the AB is the first pedal I built, I don't think it will leave my board). Used bc549c instead of 2N5089, but forgot to flip them 180º when...
  4. SYLV9ST9R

    Pendulum Harmonic Tremolo

    Here’s my take on the Pendulum, and the last of my spring batch, as I try to do some troubleshooting on a couple of builds in the next couple of weeks while waiting for some parts. Quite nice, I like the array of sounds you can get just changing the DEPTH. I heatshrinked the LDR/LEDs and...
  5. SYLV9ST9R


    Really liking how this one turned out, especially once it powered on! I’m not normally a big mod guy, and most of the time, the Zoom MS-50g will fit that role, but I might either keep this or a tremolo on my board, will see with some playing sessions. Tried out the black 3PDT from Tayda, as I...
  6. SYLV9ST9R

    SOLVED Caesar

    Just finished this build last night , and alas it did not even fire up. Sound is getting true fine on the bypass. Verified I was getting DC to the board. YES Verified the transistor in circuit. YES they seem fine. Verified the IC were seated well. YES Verified the LED. YES but the rate LED isn’t...
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    Just finished this one last night. It's a gift for a good friend who just bought his own place, and will finally be able to play without disturbing anyone, so I wanted him to have something to complete his mini board. He wasn't that much into effects, but he's quite happy that I built him a...
  8. SYLV9ST9R

    Tubular Overdrive (Valve Stem)

    Just finished this one. A really nice and crunchy OD with lots of tone shaping controls. Only thing I added was a relay bypass. It did get crowded in there, had to change the enclosed jacks I had for Lumbergs I took from a pedal that needs some troubleshooting. There was a misalignment with...
  9. SYLV9ST9R

    norns shield [non-pedal build report and SMD experience]

    This is not a pedal, but here being pretty much the only forum I'm actively writing on, I decided to share it here. I thought it might help some of you relieve some of the "fear" that comes with SMD soldering. So I discovered the monome norns shield (it's powered by a Raspberry Pi) this year...
  10. SYLV9ST9R

    Article on chip production

    Thought this might interest some of you The Chip Shortage Keeps Getting Worse.
  11. SYLV9ST9R

    Squeeeeeal like a rat!

    I’m finally getting to fixing this one. Muroidea with bass « contour » pot added. I got squealing when I put the Dirt knob over 1 o’clock. I can attenuate it with the Bass knob (or the Pro-filter it’s paired with), but it’s still annoying From what I’ve read, I’ll start by re-routing the power...
  12. SYLV9ST9R

    Has anyone tried the new black/gold 3PDT from Tayda?

    Black / Gold Let us know if you have, curious about how they feel.
  13. SYLV9ST9R

    Disaster Transport Jr (stripboard)

    Finally got around to finish this one and box it last night. One of the first pedal I did was the cataclysm, and as I didn't know how it was gonna pan out, I had ordered a lot of extra parts. So, to learn my new hobby more in depth, I had decided to do a stripboard version of the pedal. I had...
  14. SYLV9ST9R

    Centaur (Kliché mini)

    Had to build one to see what all the fuss is about. Stock build, and went with 1N34A that were available from a local supplier, did not even socket them, I'm not chasing a magic tone anyway Didn't have time to play a lot with it, as I have to reset my board, but it was pleasant just plugged in...
  15. SYLV9ST9R

    Constrictor Opto Comp

    Here’s my second Constrictor build, as I had bought a pair of VTL5C10 vactrols and decided to build a second one to offset the cost of getting these from the US. Kept a bit of my first design but with a fresh take, and opted to put the preamp gain on a pot instead of the internal trimmer...
  16. SYLV9ST9R

    Pro-Filter / Red Llama (vero)

    A special order I did for a friend to mangle vocals and synth lines in his band. We looked at different options and we landed on this compact configuration as I already had a board and parts for the pro-filter (which I like a lot) and the Red Llama was pretty straightforward. It's only my second...
  17. SYLV9ST9R

    Hyped Fuzz

    Just finished this one last night. I kind of get the "hype", really like the sound and how it can get brutal, but don't know if it fits with stuff I'm playing, so I'll play with it a bit more to see if it gets a spot on my board. Built it with a relay bypass because that's what I had left...
  18. SYLV9ST9R

    Splinter Filter (Muroidea / Pro-Filter)

    The favorite RAT for a kid from the 80s/90s! (I thought I was sooo clever with the TMNT color-coordinated knobs...) Wanted to build a 2-in-1 pedal for a while, so I went ahead with these 2, with an order switch and a relay bypass as a master (+momentary) switch. The guts are not the cleanest...
  19. SYLV9ST9R

    SOLVED Chop Shop gain not working

    Hi guys, I’ll be looking at one of my first build, as the gain/drive pot stopped working on this Chop Shop. Volume and Sag seem to be working fine, but an overdrive without the drive is a bit pointless. As I’m still a noob when it comes to troubleshooting, I was just wondering if someone had any...
  20. SYLV9ST9R


    Just finished this one last night. Fairly straightforward build. I was able to load the Rhythmic delay from @sonic_explorer easily with the web-based programmer (once I found a working micro-USB cable in my junk). Can’t wait to try/program stuff this winter. The UV print didn’t turn out as I...