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  1. Plate of Shrimp

    Pythagoras/Unison: mix full clockwise = no output signal

    The initial power-up for this build was totally silent until a voltage check found an open on FV-1 pin 13 and an open at the stomp. After addressing those, all FV-1 pins return voltages that look plausible according to my interpretation of the schematic. When Mix is counterclockwise, Volume...
  2. Plate of Shrimp

    Applicability of code with respect to specific PCB

    Hello knobwigglers: This Pythagoras/Unison board over here might actually get built. I got the EEPROM for it, but wrt to cooking other ones: does what you can provide in software vary according to the flavour of PCB you have (since there are a variety of PCBs in the shop)? Signed, Probably...
  3. Plate of Shrimp

    Distortion 250 [Eurorack]

    The orange guy.
  4. Plate of Shrimp

    Max A Daisy programming pathway called `oopsy` was released. I'm able to make couple of simple examples work so far: * classic bleep - 440 Hz with a volume knob * C chord, with a knob for volume of each of C, E, G. I think of Max as the commercial fork of Pure Data. It is...
  5. Plate of Shrimp

    Spreadsheet BOMs?

    I've found keeping sourcing notes on my inventory and BOMs for builds is essential for forgetful old me. So i started making Google Sheets CSVs. I can push and pull them on Mouser, which has a BOM manager that talks spreadsheets. But since lists on Mouser can only contain items at Mouser, you...
  6. Plate of Shrimp

    Terrarium (Eurorack)

    In the queue, to put next to the Mantle Fuzz.
  7. Plate of Shrimp

    Pure Data / Pd

    So, pedalwigglers: IIRC the moderator said that a number of people are interested in trying to use PureData with Terrarium. I was having problems getting knob control, Pd and just the Seed working, which was one reason I got a Terrarium. Enough of my board was soldered so far to do a test...
  8. Plate of Shrimp

    Is anyone using the Arduino IDE with Seed/Terrarium?

    The convos I've seen so far seem to relate to using libDaisy directly. I have been using the DaisyDuino examples with the Seed (not stuck onto a Terrarium) and they have generally worked, albeit without any input control (and that's likely because I have configure hardware on a breadboard...
  9. Plate of Shrimp


    signs of life...
  10. Plate of Shrimp

    Small capacitors

    Where are y'all getting the little guys that need to be under the Seed? All the parts I'm finding are too large.
  11. Plate of Shrimp

    Mantle Fuzz [Eurorack]

    ... is basically working, which is a huge deal as I am the Worst Solderer in the Known Universe. Is noisy as all hell until I ground it properly. It's like Jimmy Page is in the room with me. Except he's drunk or can't play guitar yet, or both.
  12. Plate of Shrimp

    Terrarium / transmogriFX

    ryobil's digital implementation of a multi-fx pedal, transmogriFX, could be a nice reference or plug-in/enhancement path for Terrarium. He did an implementation for Bela in C++. It might be portable to Daisy. I am using transmogriFX on Bela and am extending it to support OSC for controls. Since...