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  1. chongmagic

    Build Docs Low Tide Modulator

    I think I received a new revision of the board, the layout is different from the build docs. Is there an update coming?
  2. chongmagic

    Magnificent Machine "Spectacular Apparatus" Build

    A nice distortion pedal, I like it very much!
  3. chongmagic

    Dark Esbat Boost "Dark Boost"
  4. chongmagic

    Sea Monk Overdrive "Poseidon"

    A great drive, and one of VFE's finest.
  5. chongmagic

    War Scythe "The Four Horsemen"

    Someone asked me to build this for them. Here is my interpretation.
  6. chongmagic

    Bellum MK1 Fuzz "Blitzkreig"

    Crazy nice fuzzy wuzz.
  7. chongmagic

    Hakko FX-951

    I have to say this is the best iron I have ever used.
  8. chongmagic

    Complex Overdrive "Dragon Overdrive"

  9. chongmagic

    Trembling Loon "Tremors"

    Just finished this up, sounds great!
  10. chongmagic

    Minnow "Schindleria Praematurus"

    Named after one of my favorite Yes songs. Another great job by Mr. PedalPCB!
  11. chongmagic

    1n5001 equivalent

    Building the Minnow, can someone tell me a 1n5001 equivalent?
  12. chongmagic

    Creature Chorus

    Second build of this substituting the 47nf cap.
  13. chongmagic

    Delegate Compressor Boneyard Edition

    Building this up and I'm fresh out of 5mm white leds. I have plenty of 3mm, I clear blue and yellow leds, could I substitute?
  14. chongmagic

    Fuzz Foundry Deluxe Schematic

    I finally got some real AC128s and was wondering if their was a schematic so I didn't put them in wrong.
  15. chongmagic


    Had one of these left over and decided to finally build it.
  16. chongmagic

    Sea Horse

    I build another Sea Horse for someone.
  17. chongmagic

    Carmine Overdrive "Pinup Drive"

  18. chongmagic


    I didn't have a MPSA14 so I used an MPSA13, nice little quirky pedal.
  19. chongmagic

    JHS 3 series fuzz