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    Chalumeau / Mid-Fi Clari(not) Delay Control

    Does the stock wiring of the Chalumeau's delay potentiometer have the longest delay setting at full CCW and reduce the delay time as the pot moves CW?
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    Clean Blend Daughterboard

    A clean blend daughterboard would be useful—especially for making circuits a bit more bass-friendly. A non-JFET circuit would probably be best. EDIT: previous request thread here.
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    CDXL Reverse Switch

    Does anyone know how the reverse switch on the 2014 440 reissue works? I can’t seem to find any resources on it and it’d be a useful mod to the circuit.
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    CDXL Vactrol

    How does the the new vtl5c4/2 XVive reissue work with the CDXL? The data sheet is a bit lacking (at least last I checked it was), so I’ve been a little hesitant to use it.
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    Simulcast capacitor voltage ratings

    Beyond those indicated to be 35v, what voltage rating do the other caps in the simulcast need to be?
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    Molex power and I/O assemblies in the store

    This may be helpful for encouraging testing builds before committing to complete assembly. Many issues arise with builds because they’re not tested before offboard wiring is done—many times in the enclosure. Since the power jack often requires installation and is not readily removed (like I/O...
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    Sans Amp Bass Driver

    Can’t seem to find the other sans amp thread... Making a proper request. Cheers.
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    Simulcast gain trim

    For the broadcast models with the gain trim, is this just replacing the 5k6 before the gain pot with a 10k trimmer? Edit: it seems to be series trims with the outer lugs of the spdt? Also, is tapping the 9V input before charge pump a realistic way to toggle between 9V and 24V?
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    Parentheses – Octave volume drop/swell

    With the octave maxed out and higher gain on the rat circuit, heavy polyphonic signal input causes a volume drop followed by a swell. I know the octave circuit is monophonic, but I haven’t had this exact issue with other analogue octave circuits (i.e., Ampeg Scrambler or Univox Superfuzz). Is...