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    RAT squeal

    So I have a squeal on my rat at higher gain that will go away if I touch anything in the input path up until IC pin #3. I have seen something about parasitic capacitance but I honestly don't understand that, its above my head. if it is going away when I touch it is it a grounding thing?
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    Electrovibe Chorus volume

    so this may not really be trouble shooting, I have never had a uni-vibe and maybe this is how they work but on vibrato volume is full just with the effected signal. on Chorus I also get the effect but at a pretty decent volume drop. I have messed with the trims inside and have the volume maxed...
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    double pedal voltage

    I have a double pedal that I have built, its a Mach-1 and a Six String Stinger. They sound just off, esp the SSS. When I measure the voltage coming in I get about 5.5V. It is a good power supply, 9V. is this expected on a double pedal or do I have an issue?
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    finding FV-1 chip?

    anywhere have these, everywhere I am looking is out right now.
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    Low Tide

    Just got this working so figured I would post. For all the components I was able to get the board populated pretty quickly. Took some time to get it boxed as it is a very tight fit and I moved the LED location. Once I got it boxed up it wouldn't work until I had some help finding a bad solder...
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    Low tide no sound when engaged (pic and IC measurements)

    I had asked in another thread about a schematic but starting a new one that is more explicitly about my issue. Getting bypass just fine, LED works fine, also getting voltages on the ICs as well. No sound when engaged however. I know will be limited without a schematic but here is a picture...
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    Low Tide schematic?

    is there a schematic available? no sound on my build so I need to get to tracing
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    parentheses fuzz octave adds fuzz

    the more I dial in octave the more fuzz I am getting. maybe this is normal, not sure? with a little octave it's like a little farty fuzz, which doesn't seem right. def getting some octave effect as well with the fuzz addition. guess the question is should the octave also add fuzz?
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    Percolation Station - Volume

    Built the Percolation Station with 2N2907A and PN3565. I am getting a real volume drop unless I crank the pedal well past noon - nearly 3 or so. Is this normal for this circuit or could it be my choice of transistor replacements?
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    Caesar chorus noise

    Getting some noise that matches the rate but only when the lag knob is turned up. Noise is at the speed of the rate knob and volume is proportional to the lag knob. Also getting a little bass loss when using the pedal (maybe this is normal with chorus, I’ve never used one) have attached the guts
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    Auditorium Test Platform

    This looks nice, it’s just the board right? Not the jacks, power input etc?
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    FV-1 Dev USB issue?

    so im working on getting this connected. Pedal works fine and I can program with a 3rd party eeprom programmer so im thinking I have some hardware issue. Right now when I have plugged in to USB and powered on I am not seeing any voltages on USB_D+/D- measured on the ch341a. should I expect...
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    SpinCAD on Mac?

    Anyone using SpinCAD on MAC? I have it up and running but am unable to open any downloaded spcd files. I can create my own but really want to dig into some others have created.
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    FV-1 only work with pin 13 grounded

    So I have built the FV-1 Dev board. Was having some issues getting the eeprom programmed so I gave up using the pedal for that and purchased one of these. It worked right away and was able to program a test program successfully. However I am only getting sound out of pin 28 from the Fv-1 when...
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    FV1Dev Bundle for macOS - ch341eeprom

    How exactly is this used, when attempting to run the command via terminal I end up with "ch341eeprom: command not found"
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    Glory Hole drill template with dimensions

    Is there a file with the dimensions for the Glory Hole? I have checked Tayda but just see the regular 3 hole. I am assuming to replace the LED position with the switch so I guess I just need the position of the LED on the Glory Hole.