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    New EQD pedals

    You may have seen strange esoteric teases EarthQuaker Devices made on Youtube recently. Now we know, each card is a new pedal, not several effects in one. Witch means 12 new pedals, it's insane. First one just have been revealed. I'm blown away. And.... whaaaat ? They also do eurorack...
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    Psychological help center for DSO2x1x buyers

    This thing sounds great on paper : better specs than the loved DS05102P for cheaper price. Maybe about to become the new hobbyists best friend for years to come. But... there's no sign of this product on Hantek's sites, and shippings are delayed, again and again. Some say it's because of the...
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    [solved] Billing Phone is not a valid phone number.

    Greetings from France :) I try to place an order but I can't get through because of my phone number being refused. Number checked and checked again, and again... no error there. I've tried adding my international indicative with all possible ways to write it (+33 0033 33) without any luck. Same...