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    Dead End Laika

    I dug this one out last night because I really want to get it working, but I somehow made it worse. Build Doc here: Initially, I got a sound that just sounded like it was completely voltage starved, but at least all the leds...
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    SHO Boost - noisy when off, whistles when engaged

    I really can't figure out what i'm doing wrong here. I ordered a 3-pack of RullyWow Fo Sho pcbs to mess around with. I threw the first one together with parts I had on hand, which are all correct but not normally my first choice (carbon resistors instead of metal film, big mylar cap instead of...
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    Low Tide Issues - Low Volume, no effect

    I finished up the Low Tide this afternoon, super excited about this one but I’m having some issues. Switches on and off just fine, but I get a big volume drop when it’s engaged – it’s barely audible with the vol knob maxed - and none of the controls seem to do much of anything except for an...
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    SOLVED Ground Problem - GCI Socialist Jr.

    Building a socialist jr v1.1 from god city ( and I have a grounding problem that I cannot track down. Pics are attached, this is the second time I've put this one together and had this exact...
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    Toggle Switch - swap on-off-on for on-on?

    Working on the MadBean Kraken, and I have a bunch of DPDT toggles that are ON-OFF-ON. The hi-lo switch on this is ON-ON. If I use what I have, will it work with no effect in the center position? I feel like it makes more sense to have that option anyways...
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    Source for MN3005?

    Had a handful of the Xvive re-makes from SmallBear in my cart until the delay pcb (Lectrc FX DC Echo) that I was waiting on became available again. After I received the pcb of course, the chips are out of stock and all I can find are questionable ebay vendors. Anyone know of a listing or shop...
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    Dark Rift C25 - subbing radial tantalum for film cap, polarity

    I'm only missing one part, C25 is a 330nf capacitor. I have radial tantalums in that value, but just want to be sure (a) that this is an ok substitute and won't fry the IC it's connected to or cause other problems, and (b) which hole the positive lead of that cap should be going in. If anyone is...
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    RullyWow 3pdt Switch Wiring

    Hi, I've got a few boards from RW nearing completion, the King Tut is up first. However, I didn't order any of his 3pdt breakout boards and I'm not entirely sure how to wire up the footswitch, especially with the LED. I emailed him for a diagram but haven't heard back yet, any help on which pads...
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    Wrectifier - No Sound, voltage going in but 0 at R1.

    I finished the Wrectifier build this evening, thought it looked pretty good and went smoothly. Plugged it in, and nothing. Checked the voltage going in on that red wire, it's around 9v. But when I go to R1, R2, and anywhere else in the circuit I get 0. Any help is much appreciated, thanks.
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    3PDT Breakout Board - do i still need jumpers?

    Hey All, question about these breakout boards, I've searched all over and can't find an answer anywhere. If the build doc has jumpers linking two or more of the solder lugs on my 3pdt footswitch, are those already accounted for in these boards? Or do I need to solder them across the top of the...
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    No Effect When Engaged - BYOC Tremolo Kit

    Hey All, first post here so apologies if I'm breaking any kind of rule or etiquette. I finally got this together last night, it's my second non-working attempt. The schematic is on page 25 at Signal goes through the pedal fine when it's switched...