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    Delegate compressor

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    Little Green Scream Machine

    So I just recently finished my green Scream Machine, it was the first pedal I started with pedalpcb, it was also the first pedal where I learned everything of what not to do. After butchering my first PCB this was my 2nd attempt and turned out much better. I'm really happy how this turned out.
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    SOLVED Byrdhouse Compressor No Signal When Engaged

    So I recently put together the byrdhouse compressor and for the life of me I cannot figure out why it isn't working when the footswitch is engaged. I cannot find a short anywhere?? Q1 - E-2v B-2.45v C-9v Q2 - E-6.2v B-6.86v C-6.2v Q3 - E-0v B-0v C-7.96v Q4 - E-0v B-0v C-7.96v Q5 - E-8.1v...