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  1. Bricksnbeatles

    EHX Frequency Analyzer

    Q: Are we not men? A: We are effects pedal fanatics! Anyway, the Frequency Analyzer is a really unique vintage ring mod which was favored by Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh, and I’ve got an uncontrollable urge to build one. Take a listen for yourself if you fancy (couldn’t find demo that shows off...
  2. Bricksnbeatles

    Electrovibe Lamp Life

    Anyone know what the expected lifetime of the lamp in an Electrovibe is? Bulbs like that aren’t usually rated with the expectation of being repeatedly modulated, so I’d imagine it’s not an especially considerable number of hours. I’m guessing it’s not exactly a bad idea to mount a power-kill...
  3. Bricksnbeatles

    Stereo FV-1 development board

    Assuming the Binaura is coming sooner than later, a stereo revision of the FV-1 dev board would be useful for sure, especially since the Spin #SPN1001-DEVB is pricy and hard to get ahold of.
  4. Bricksnbeatles

    What’s worthwhile from RadioShack?

    I have like $70 in store credit at RadioShack somehow. Probably gonna get a Hotholder (cool little tool made by Austin Ribbon Mics), but not sure what to use the other ~$30 on. Anything else actually worthwhile from them anymore? Components would be a waste since everything there is 5-20x the...
  5. Bricksnbeatles

    Jen Double Sound Fuzz/Wah

    Posted this back in the old wishlist ages ago. It’s the key to the John Wetton sound, and who doesn’t want to sound like John Wetton? Pretty much it’s a fuzz Wah that differs slightly from the typical fuzz face and Vox wahwah circuit, making it a bit more throaty and aggressive. Perfect for bass...
  6. Bricksnbeatles

    Mobile Schematic App/Site?

    Does anyone know of a free/cheap IOS app or a mobile-friendly website where you can draw up some simple schematics? I often find myself having ideas that I wish I could capture when I’m out, and away from pen and paper or my computer, and I often wind up forgetting them before I can write them...
  7. Bricksnbeatles

    Slider Pot daughterboard

    Seeing @Feral Feline’s request for an HF modulator got me to thinking about my old HF modulator build, and how much cooler slider pots are than rotary potentiometers, so here’s my simple request: Just as there’s the daughterboard included for mounting the slider pots for the 6-band EQ, a 3-pot...
  8. Bricksnbeatles

    MXR Phase 100

    A favorite of Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, John Frusciante, Steve Hackett, and countless Fender Rhodes players. for a long time building one seemed infeasible to many due to the hard to find and expensive trio of VTL5c4/2 vactrols needed, but now that the Xvive work-alikes are readily available...
  9. Bricksnbeatles

    Stereo Deflector

    What cooler than a deflector in mono? A deflector in stereo! Because why not suggest more FV-1 projects while we’re facing a seemingly neverending supply shortage of FV-1s and other chips? The only problem I can see at the moment is the matter of the feedback loop functionality hinging on using...
  10. Bricksnbeatles

    Transformer-Isolated and Buffered ABY

    With a ground lift switch and a phase inversion switch for one of the outputs. Seemed to be a popular request back in the old wishlists, so I’m bringing it back here:
  11. Bricksnbeatles

    Gristleizer: A Throbbing Gristle Classic

    The Gristleizer is a pretty wonky little LFO-driven VCA (tremolo) and VCF (filter) designed in the 70s by Roy Gwinn and published to Practical Electronics magazine as simply ‘guitar effects pedal’, and used extensively by Chris Carter of Throbbing Gristle after a few modifications were made to...
  12. Bricksnbeatles

    EHX Eddy

    Pretty neat little analog chorus/vibrato. Very feature-packed
  13. Bricksnbeatles

    Muffin Fuzz- triangle BOM question

    I was just looking at the Muffin build docs, and I noticed that the BOM for the triangle muff isn’t entirely consistent with the schematics I’ve seen in the past for the Triangle revision of the big muff— for example the BOM for the Triangle revision says to omit R8, which goes from the base of...
  14. Bricksnbeatles

    ZVex Loop Gate

    Utility pedals are always good to have, and the loop gate has more applications than the two existing offerings as far as more “produced” gating goes (ie; Gated Reverb, Gated Delay, even can *technically* work as a rudimentary sidechain) also just the best gate to use for cutting ring mod...
  15. Bricksnbeatles

    Parallel effects footswitch daughterboard

    I have an Idiotbox No Moon, which is a BMP, Rat, and TS style drive all in parallel with each other, with each one on its own footswitch. It seems like it would be a great addition to allow people to make two-in-one or three-in-one effects that are in parallel! I’m not sure exactly what’s...
  16. Bricksnbeatles

    Bass 6 Band EQ/faceplate

    Not so much a wishlist for a new item altogether, as much as a suggestion to add a second alternate BOM for the 6 band EQ for values that are better for bass. In addition, since the faceplate for the 6 band EQ has the same printing on both sides, it might make sense to replace the frequencies...
  17. Bricksnbeatles

    Multi-EEPROM daughterboard

    Options for both a 3-EEPROM daughterboard using an on/on/on toggle switch for DIP package EEPROMS, as well as an 8-EEPROM daughterboard using a rotary switch for SMD EEPROMS. (Copied over from the old archived wishlist)
  18. Bricksnbeatles

    Tiny Orange Boxes (Warning: 1590LB Content)

    Well, I’m waiting on a few missing parts before I can put these two together, so in the meantime I’m getting the enclosures drilled up (the tiny hole on the top is just for indexing when I stamp the graphics on— it’ll be drilled out for a footswitch after that) and ready for the graphics. In the...
  19. Bricksnbeatles

    MXR Phase 100

    Because more phasers is more good, right?
  20. Bricksnbeatles

    Record Store Day

    There’s gotta be some record collectors in here! Picking anything up for record store day today? I’m still waiting on the queue to get in— I’ll post back with what I manage to get. A lot more people ahead of me this time though, so it might be slim pickings