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  1. daeg

    Super useful Spin Development Script [Linux]

    After about a year of focusing on other things, I got back to messing around with the FV1. I've been using this Bash script I created to test out code tweaks and someone out there might find it useful or adapt it to their needs. Please note that this is a script for Linux, so if you're using...
  2. daeg

    Bizarre noise from Vox AC15

    This one is pretty off-topic, but I like this little community we have going and thought I'd ask here first. Audio Clip of Noise The amp is a Vox AC15HW1 with a Celestion Alnico Blue and yes, it sounds glorious. I bought it used a couple days ago for a great price. Its in perfect cosmetic...
  3. daeg

    An effect you want to love but can't?

    They posed this question to the chat in a recent JHS livestream I tuned into. Answers were all across the board and pretty interesting. You can name a specific pedal, a type of circuit or just a general category.
  4. daeg

    The Perfect Treble Boost - Help me build it!

    Range Masters have been my thing lately and I've come up with what I think is the perfect Treble Boost circuit. It's a RoG Omega with an AMZ Pickup Simulator and a couple of cool tricks.
  5. daeg

    CDXL Reissue Mod Ideas

    Eyeballing this build. I've never owned an Envelope filter before and do not play funk, so I'd be looking to mod for greater subtlety. I'll use this thread to collect my ideas and get feedback from others.
  6. daeg

    VFE Rocket EQ

    This could be the perfect 6-knob (Type-1) EQ pedal. It's also been discontinued.
  7. daeg

    Getting to know Daisy (C++)

    So you're a guitarist and a hobbyist pedal builder. The new and exciting Electrosmith Daisy Seed module just arrived at your door. What do you do next? Well... I can't answer that question for you because I'm lost myself. Why don't we use this thread to try to get over the learning curve...
  8. daeg

    125b Pedal Risers Anyone?

    Has anyone solved for using PedalPCB 125b builds with pancake plugs on a flat board? The 125b enclosure needs about 5-10mm of clearance added (minimum) to fit the stoutest pancake plug (Square Plug SP500). In my case, I'm weighing between cutting individual risers for each 125b pedal on the...
  9. daeg

    Foxpedal Refinery v2

    IIRC, this is just an Engineers Thumb v2 with a few changes: Relay Bypass Threshold control replaced with Internal Trimpot (it was very unloved) Clean Blend added (this puts it in league with the Keeley and Wampler) Mike Hermans Demo I think the Engineers Thumb wins the award for best...
  10. daeg

    5mm LED Lens Disassembly

    Anyone using these? Well some of you must be because they're sold out. I've used them on the last 10 or so builds and am looking for a way to disconnect the PCB+LED without breaking the plastic tabs. Does anyone have any tips?
  11. daeg

    Did I fry my FV-1?

    Playing around with a Pythagoras, I flashed it with alligator clips and a USB CH341A module that might be running at 5V. Now I'm only getting dry signal. Tried swapping out the EEPROM. Is it possible that 5V at SCK (Pin14) and SDA (Pin15) fried it?
  12. daeg

    Control Layout on Unison Double Tracker

    I'm designing an enclosure for the Unison Double Tracker and would like to know what the three fv-1 controls do. How close is this? Pot0 Pot1 Pot2 Patch 2 - Unison (Dual Detune) Detune 1 Detune 2 Time Patch 0 - Unison (Modulated) Mod Rate Mod Depth Time Patch 1 - Unison (Double Take)...
  13. daeg

    Spin FV-1 Subforum

    A number of people here are either just getting started or looking to get started with the Spin FV-1 Development board. We could use a space to share ideas, code snippets and ask questions. I could see it being a good alternative to the forum on Spin's website because most of us will be around...
  14. daeg

    Relay Bypass PCB and 18V

    First of all I'd like to thank PedalPCB for putting out such high-quality stuff in a uniform format. I couldn't be happier with the selection. Before purchasing, I just want to double-check that there will be no issues with feeding the relay bypass an 18V supply (assume that all of the...