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    V3207 in stock at Cabintech

    There's stock of MN3207 at GuitarPCB, too (as of last night...)
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    Pedal enclosure

    Just to go back to the initial question: I crammed the El Sol into this 1590G2 enclosure, including top-mounted jacks.
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    1590b Boards

    I've stuffed a ton of PedalPCB builds into a 1590B (or 1590B2 or 1590BS) -- with top jacks, even! You can be pretty confident that if the Build Document says that the width of the board is 1.95in, that it'll fit in that B footprint. Just from my current to-dos: Cataclysm Delay, Cross...
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    Triple loops switcher with order switch

    The thing that got me into building pedals in the first place was that I wanted to make a huge loop switcher (at least 20 loops) that would do all sorts of unconventional (or expensive) bypass and order switching, mainly because I like to tinker with effects and my signal chain, not because I...
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    Simulcast / Broadcast Duo - parts?

    Getting ready to mount my Duocast in a 1590B3, which I've used for the Paragon and the Kliche, as well. Much smaller than the 1590BB/1590BB2/1590BBS. As far as alternative-size enclosures, don't overlook the 1550-series. 1550M is slightly larger than the 1590BB, and sometimes, right where it...
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    Offboard Components Recommendations

    Reading this thread, I thought I'd post something about LED lenses. I'll just link to that thread:
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    LED Lenses

    I was reading a thread that touched a little bit on LED lenses, and I just thought I'd share this table I put together. It's a matrix of the common 3mm and 5mm lenses manufactured by VCClite that I thought would be useful for stomp boxes. I spent a bit of time researching this as I was looking...
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    Sourcing a CH341A

    I bought five and only need one or two. If anyone needs one, and is in the US, let me know.
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    Can I trim this (Stockade Overdrive) PCB to fit this enclosure?

    And it would fit in nicely in this admittedly rough neighborhood (parenthesis in the middle, super heterodyne receiver on the right):
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    Can I trim this (Stockade Overdrive) PCB to fit this enclosure?

    Here you can see the size difference. The 1590XX is enormous.
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    Can I trim this (Stockade Overdrive) PCB to fit this enclosure?

    I was looking to see if it was possible to stuff the Stockade Overdrive into a 1590TRPC that I've got, which is considerably smaller than the 1590XX, but also mates well with the 1590TRPCs that I used for the Parenthesis Fuzz and the Super Heterodyne Receiver. The PCB is just a touch too wide...