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  1. Bruce Feuillette

    SOLVED Deofol : how is it supposed to sound ?

    Hi! I've played a bit with my Deofol, but I'm a bit disappointed by the sound. It's really full of bass and dark. Way far from the OKKO Diablo+ video on YouTube. Playing with Feed and Body only add basses to the sound. So I mainly add to cut both and put the gain to the max to achieve a clearer...
  2. Bruce Feuillette

    SOLVED Deofol Overdrive : low volume boost

    Hello! I can't have the Boost mode functionnal. When it's on, the volume is getting really low. I've checked the voltage on all J201. It seems fine, to me. If somebody can confirm. Component Drain (V) Source (V) Gate (V) Q8 4.36 0.23 0 Q9 4.59 8.9 3.02 Q10 3.89 0.06 0 Q11 4.5 8.9 3.02...