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    Closed circuit booster limiter aka Strøm

    After doing quite a bit of builds on vero recently it was nice to get back to a proper pcb. I always rename the builds to give them a name that makes sense to me and Strøm is the norwegian word for electricity. Due to the SoloDallas’ connection to AC/DC it seemed appropriate. The build came...
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    A few builds!

    Made demovideos of some builds for my friends to check out if they wanna buy them off me. Thought maybe you guys would be interested in checking them out. It’s cool to look at pictures, but in the end it’s about how they sound. Nobleman: Greengage: Twin face: Tommy III and glory hole m800
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    Stupid delay challenge

    Hey best pedal builders the www has to offer! I got a request by a guy for a build today and even though I’m definitely gonna say ’’no, it’s too complicated for me’’, I’m wondering if it can even be done. And in that case how. here’s what he wants: A dual bucketbrigade based delaypedal with tap...
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    Paragon tone control

    Hey guys! Been working on a paragon and a weird problem has occured. Channel 1, which has a 1k at R3 is working flawlessly. Channel 2(which has 100k on R17) on the other hand is doing something strange. It’s working all fine outside the enclosure, but when I put it in it gets gainy and bright...
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    Paragon 1u film cap

    Hey guys! I just started building a paragon, but discovered I’m out of 1u film caps. If I replace them with electrolytics or tantalum, should they be the same way as c20 and c9? Or could just c20 and c9 be replaced with 2u2 electrolytics and leave c8 and c19 open? peace
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    Carl Martin Compressor Limiter

    Best compressor ever built for guitar imo. Have seen a vero build for it, but a PCB would be better!
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    AionFx Blueshift

    Anyone ever tried this build? I read through their build docs and in lack of better words it’s nothing short of sexy. But I feel like I need more practise before trying it.
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    Greengage build

    After a few days of troubleshooting and not really getting anywhere with a pedal I simply had to build something else and what seemed like the easiest build waiting to be done was a greengage. And it was sooooo painless. Everything worked, no caps were too big(normal mistake I’ve done more than...
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    Tommy and the vacuum cleaner

    Kinda of a funny one, kind of a weird one. I was just putting my Tommy III back in it’s enclosure last night after painting it. With the dpdt up it was all good and working like a charm. But with the dpdt downward there was this high pitched squeel that almost tore my ears of. I took it out of...
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    Spirit box pulldown resistors change?

    Hey guys! I’ve built a spirit box and like it very much(even though I’ve agreed to sell it to a friend who likes it more). But it makes quite a rumble when you turn it on. Not really like a regular pop that you often get with true bypass switching. It sounds like you’re moving an amp with...
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    Germanium transistors great/usable/useless?

    Ok so I do have a little bit of knowledge about what the common HFE’s for fuzz face and tonebenders are, but don’t know so much about leakage and at what measurements a transistor is deemed useless. I bought some cheap asy37s from Poland to get started measuring and they’ve said to be good...
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    Tommy III volume mod

    Weird question perhaps, but I feel like this pedal has a bit to much volume and it's hard to find the sweetspot. Should I change the pot to a lower value or R5 to a higher value?
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    M800 trimmers, can I use 50k?

    I believe I know the answer to this, but thought no harm in asking. So excited about getting this build going, only to realise I forgot to order 100k trimmers. Would 50k’s have enough range to get the jfets to 4,5v?
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    Getting these in the mail next week to finally get my M800-build going. Was wondering if people usually use sockets with these or solder them directly to the board? Worried that using resistor-cutoffs for legs will be a bit thin and will make the jfets not sit tight enough in the sockets.
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    Went scavaging

    Butchered a broken Randall amplifier, a Marshall jackhammer and an old record player today. Any of these useful? Transistors c1737 c2240 bf494 bc559b bc549c bc5488 a970 c1815 a1015 diodes oa95 (might be ga95) aa119 bzx79b Also found quite a few 1n4148, tl072 and some zener diodes. Did I find...
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    To-05 socket?

    Where do people get sockets for to-05 germanium transistors?
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    Tone Vendor mkII :/

    Hey my dudes! I’m having issues with a Tone Vendor mkII which goes like this: 1) When engaged it makes fuzz, but there’s a high pitched sinustone. The tone is loud, but is only controlled by the volume control on the pedal. The volume on my guitar does not affect the volume of the sinus. 2)...
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    Brown Betty slowly dying

    Hey Guys! I’m new on the forum and pretty new to pedal building. I recently(almost) completed a Brown Betty, but it has issues and I’m nor sure how to look for them. Hopefully someone has any advice. 1. The bass control does nothing. This might just be a malfunctioning pot, but If anyone has...